Podcast Transcript: David Kates' Moves to Alpha Anywhere from MS Access

We've published the transcript for the third episode of our Adventures in Alpha Land podcast series. You have to scroll down the page to reach the transcript. To let you jump to interesting parts of the podcast, you can click on any paragraph in the transcript to start playing the audio at that point. Many businesses built their business applications with Microsoft Access. However, limitations in Access database have left Access developers in a lurch - it doesn't support building mobile or web applications. Developers wanting to build mobile and web applications are stuck with finding alternatives to Microsoft Access. When David Kates encountered the same problems with MS Access, he found himself turning to Alpha Anywhere. There are lots of great quotes about David's experiences extending Access applications with Alpha Anywhere mobile and tablet features. He has one client that wants to build a tablet app on top of an existing Access database.
For example, the owner of the company wants to walk through the manufacturing floor with a tablet and just either scan machines that are in operation or tap on various aspects of his business that are displayed on a tablet and find out what processes are where in manufacturing. Something that he couldn't do in Access, of course.
Adam Green is an independent web developer, who is acting as a consultant to Alpha Software on several projects.
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