Moving from Access to Alpha Anywhere: Transcript of Peter Caspari's Podcast

We've published the transcript for the seventh episode of our Adventures in Alpha Land podcast series. You have to scroll down the page to reach the transcript. To let you jump to interesting parts of the podcast, you can click on any paragraph in the transcript to start playing the audio at that point. This podcast is part of a series of interviews with Microsoft Access developers who have made the switch to Alpha Anywhere. Alpha Anywhere is a rapid application development platform that supports data integration with a variety of back-end databases, including SQL and Access database. Alpha Anywhere can be used to build web and mobile Microsoft Access applications. Developers can also easily convert access data sources to SQL databases using built-in tools in Alpha Anywhere. Peter Caspari is an Australian developer who worked with MS Access for over 20 years, largely in the aviation industry. He moved to Alpha Anywhere 3 years ago, when he needed to move his clients to web and mobile apps. At the time, he did not have any experience with web and mobile development, but he was able to teach himself what he needed with Alpha's help:
I don't think I did anything more than follow the bouncing ball that Alpha provides. Selwyn's videos, which are fantastic, in conjunction with the features as the product matured, in terms of the capability in mobile, allowed me to grow my own skills. I went along the path that Alpha laid out for me, basically.
One of his favorite parts of working with Alpha Anywhere is the easy of converting Access apps to Alpha with a seamless transition for his clients:
I've managed to make every system that I've transferred compatible with the old system, in terms of the data. It just needs a bit of massaging. I develop utilities, queries, whatever to adjust the data as required when I migrate it across. By Monday, they're live with their new system, still able to access their old data, and they're away.
If you're thinking about making this transition, listen to the rest of the podcast or read the transcript for some great advice. Adam Green is an independent web developer, who is acting as a consultant to Alpha Software on several projects.
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