Two Fundamental Reasons Why People are Turning to Alpha Anywhere as Their Platform for Building SaaS Applications: Technology and Economics


SaaS is increasingly becoming THE way to deliver commercial applications for the web and mobile devices and an increasing number of SaaS applications are being built world wide.

We are seeing an explosion in the adoption of Alpha Anywhere by people building SaaS applications. We have been in touch with these developers to understand what is motivating them to adopt Alpha Anywhere.

It comes down to two fundamental reasons.

  1. Technology 

  2. Economics

On the technology front the reasons can be explained by the following attributes of Alpha Anywhere 

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On the economics front there are three questions

  1. How much will it cost to build the app

  2. How long will take to get to market because people want to get a jump on competitors

  3. What will it cost to operate the SaaS Service once it is built

It turns out that Alpha Anywhere offers major advantages in all three areas

Re questions 1 and 2:

Customers consistently tell us that development with Alpha Anywhere saves them between 5 and 10 times the time and money versus alternative systems. Also check out this link with more data on the topic.

Re question 3: 

Based on collecting real world data from developers who have built SaaS apps for mobile devices and the web using Alpha Anywhere, it is realistic to expect licensing and hosting costs to be in the $1-$3 range per concurrent user per month. This is a very important metric because the vast majority of SaaS apps are priced to the user in the $15-$50 per user per month range. (It is worth noting that actual users on a system can often be higher than concurrent users.)

The net result of this is that developers who choose Alpha Anywhere over other SaaS platforms will have excellent gross margins with which to operate and grow their businesses.

Resources for Getting Up to Speed with Alpha Anywhere Quickly
Alpha Anywhere is Seeing Adoption World Wide - Opportunity to be Part of Global NASA event

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Richard Rabins
Richard Rabins

Co-founder of Alpha Software, Richard Rabins focuses on strategy, sales, and marketing. Richard also served as CEO of SoftQuad International from 1997 to 2001, when it owned Alpha. In addition to his 30 years with the company, Richard played a key role as co-founder, and served as president and chairman of the Massachusetts Software Council (now the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council), the largest technology trade organization in Massachusetts. Prior to founding Alpha, Richard was a project leader and consultant with Information Resources, Inc. (IRI), and a management consultant with Management Decision Systems, Inc. Richard holds a master's degree in system dynamics from the Sloan School at MIT, and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and master's degree in control engineering from University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has served on the boards of Silent Systems, Legacy Technology and O3B Networks, and is co-founder of Tubifi

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