Video: Dynamically populating a dropdown in a repeating section

At the heart of virtually any business application is its data. And for developers who are building mobile and web database applications, creating a design that enables frictionless user interaction with that data—regardless of the device that they are using—is key.

But, when the data set you're working with is comprised of many records, spread out over a variety of tables and databases, creating web apps that meet users' expectations can be tricky. That's why with Alpha Five, we've designed a development platform that enables developers to build highly complex desktop, mobile and web database applications "without breaking a sweat."

Dynamically populating a dropdown in your mobile, desktop and web database applications

Recently, an Alpha developer came to us with a problem. He was building a web database application and was having trouble with dynamically populating dropdown menus. While we've already documented the process of dynamically populating a dropdown box, the difference in this case is that the dropdown is located in a repeating section.

The key issue, is finding out what the selected value is in the current row, and, from there, dynamically populating the second dropdown. To solve the developer's problem, Alpha Software Co-Founder Selwyn Rabins created the video below, using the Northwind database as a backend, and demonstrates how to quickly and easily incorporate this powerful functionality into your web database applications. Build web database applications with Alpha Five
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