Alpha Anywhere update: Customizing list scroll behavior for a fluid user experience

Here at Alpha Software, we know that for business app developers tasked with mobile web database development, time is of the essence and getting things done fast is absolutely critical. But, we also know that in order for a business application to be successful, it has to have a look and feel that meets the highest standards of today's mobile users.

That's why, with Alpha Anywhere - our recently released HTML5 cross platform development environment - we've created the first complete solution to help developers and businesses go from "we need it" to "we have it" faster than any other tool, and do it without sacrificing a fluid and intuitive user experience.

Understanding the 'fill' option for individual list items

When you are working with a List control that uses a free-form layout for the List, you can set the height (and width in the case where the List is set to scroll horizontally) of each 'row' (i.e. 'item') in the List. In addition to setting an explicit size (say 200px) for an item height or width, you can also use the special 'fill' keyword to indicate that the item should fill the viewport.

Customizing scroll behavior within a list

When you use the 'fill' option, it is often desirable to customize the way in which the List scrolls, so that it scrolls in discrete amounts (for example the size of the viewport) rather than scrolling continuously.

By setting the item size to use the 'fill' keyword, and by customizing the List scrolling, it is possible to make a List behave much like a Panel Card in a Panel Navigator. In the two part video tutorial below, you'll see how these options are used:


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