Why an IT pro loves building web applications with Alpha Five

We get a lot of feedback from customers. We recently ran a survey of Alpha Five v11 customers, most of whom build web applications, and we were quite happy to find out that over 96% of our customers stated they would recommend Alpha Five v11 to colleagues and friends; most of those people said they would recommend Alpha Five highly.

We went through the survey and looked for the comment that we felt best explained why Alpha Five v11 is the kind of product that inspires passion. After a lot of internal debate we agreed that this feedback from Eric Luitjens in Holland summed up the core appeal of Alpha Five v11 best for professional developers of business applications. Eric is a seasoned IT professional based in Amsterdam, Holland, with extensive experience in both the public and private sectors.

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Here is what Eric has to say:

"I started using Alpha Five V9  three years ago and now I am using Alpha Five v11 and I can say that I have not had a single regret.

"Frankly, with V11, I am delighted with all the new possibilities for robust and secure web application development, especially in the medical sector which is one of my areas of focus in the Netherlands and abroad. I am especially  pleased with the new Dialog component that comes with Alpha Five v11  because of all its extras including geographical tools, mapping tools, calendaring tool, list views, navigation, transactions, automatic databinding and much more.

Clients want to see quick results

"In today’s world, clients want to see quick results that meet their needs. With Alpha Five V11’s application development components and report builder this is quite easy. Alpha Five v11 will also let you build and deliver SAAS web applications in a shorter time and with  less effort then other software products.

"I speak regularly with fellow developers who use other products such as ASP.NET or PHP. You  will hear the complaints about the length of time it takes to build apps. The reaction when I suggest Alpha Five  is often, 'Yes, but ASP.NET and PHP are free!'

'Free' tools have a hidden cost

"My answer is that these 'free' tools have a hidden cost if you have to wait weeks for a solution. By that time, you may have already lost your customer and the associated revenue from the project, so the real cost is considerable.

"Communication with Alpha Software is very good. The support from the Alpha Development team is responsive and very knowledgeable and the Alpha Forum is very lively and spontaneous. You'll find beginners and professionals on the Forum who are very willing to help where possible.

"Alpha Software V11 provides an impressive library of usable video examples for free. And if you're just starting out with the product, the thirty-day trial version fully supports all the components that Version 11  delivers."
JavaScript in Alpha Five: As Easy as it can be
New SaaS Companies are being launched all the time built on Alpha Five V11

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