What are users saying about Alpha Anywhere?

"Alpha Anywhere is just that good."

Imran Riaz, Senior VP & Chief Risk Officer for Equipment Finance/Federal leasing at TD Bank, which has 70,000 employees, discusses Alpha Anywhere.

Imran Riaz discusses Alpha Anywhere, why they chose to develop in it and how it is playing an important role in building systems for desk-bound and field personnel in managing risk at TD Bank.

"Alpha Anywhere really fit well with my experience."

Dion McCormick, CEO of GKR Solutions—which builds financial applications, discusses why they chose Alpha Anywhere

Dion has a background in MS Access, Foxpro and VB development. In this video he discusses the evaluation process that lead him to Alpha Anywhere because of its completeness, productivity and modest learning curve.

"Alpha Software is a company that knows where they're going."

Anthony Ward, Dir. of Development for Palace Entertainment, owner of 37 theme parks, outlines what Alpha Anywhere does for them

Palace Entertainment is the largest operator of water parks and family entertainment centers in the United States with over 13 million visitors each year. In this video, Anthony talks about why he chose Alpha Anywhere and the very positive results it is having on the overall business.

"It was the reason why my software grew to where it is now."

Lily Von Ohlen discusses building her SAAS project management application with Alpha Anywhere

Lily Von Ohlen is a marketing expert who developed a business application to manage her business with Alpha Anywhere. The application she built was so useful and successful that she started selling it as a service. Check out her site at

"I can develop applications with Alpha Anywhere that will run on all of these platforms."

Nils Boje is building applications for enterprises such as MAERSK, the world largest shipping company, with Alpha Anywhere

Keeping track of maintenance and other data on cargo ships is a big job, especially when the ships are located throughout the world. In this video, Nils Boje, CEO of Isensus a development company, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, talks about how Alpha Anywhere helps get the job done efficiently. One aspect of Alpha Anywhere that was especially appealing for Nils is the fact that Alpha Anywhere is standards based and Alpha Anywhere applications can run on many different kinds of mobile devices from different manufacturers and on PC's.

"I have not seen a more customer-facing organization."

Max Hammond, VP of Advanced Practice Management—a health care company, describes how Alpha Anywhere helps run their business

When Max found that Microsoft Sharepoint and Access didn't meet his needs for building web applications, he turned to Alpha Anywhere. In this video, he discusses his results as well as what he likes about working with the Alpha Anywhere environment for building mobile applications and data-driven personal computer applications.

A Sampling of Customers

  • Non-Profit
    Oxfam, The Boys Club Of New York, The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacies, United Steel Workers Of America, United Way, World Vision - Ghana, YWCA
  • Healthcare
    Children's Hospital, John Hopkins Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, Rockingham County Health Department, St. Lukes Hospital, VA Medical Center, World Health Organization
  • Government
    City Of Los Angeles, Michigan Dept of IT, New York State, Department Of Tax And Finance, NYC Housing Authority, Oregon Department Of Forestry, State Of Florida, U.S. Army, U.S. Customs, U.S. Department Of Commerce
  • Educational
    Columbia University, Duke University, McGill University, Michigan State University, Northwestern University, Texas A & M University, Canadian Teachers Federation, San Diego City Schools, NY Institute Of Technology
  • Commercial
    Goodrich, Pepsi-Cola Company, UPS, Genzyme Corporation, ExxonMobil, Boeing, Avis
  • Other Industries
    Fidelity Investments, JP Morgan Chase, Raytheon, Lucent Technologies, State Farm Insurance, CBS, Times Publishing Company

Alpha Anywhere sets a new benchmark for Alpha. Building on the robustness and functionality of v11, the inclusion of helpful new genies and new Action Javascripts make it much easier to build web and desktop applications even quicker…Plus, the addition of powerful new control types, new event handlers and new properties provide the flexibility to create applications with enhanced functionality. The ability to now be able to create mobile-friendly applications, which run with native-like functionality on a range of mobile devices gives us developers much more power and opens the door to a whole new market. Furthermore I really like how the options for mobile development have been tightly integrated within Alpha’s framework, so we don’t have the steep learning curve of a whole new program! —Derryn B

Alpha Anywhere is the best development suite so far from Alpha. Alpha Anywhere makes it easy to create apps that run on all platforms, web and mobile. That is a must now. —Yigal A

Alpha Anywhere fills the gaps which we had been looking for Alpha to address. —Garth M

I was very pleased to see that many items on the web development side needed to make development easier were addressed. One challenge is that there are so many new features that it is hard to find enough time to watch videos, explore and test! Once you start using the new [Alpha Anywhere] features, it's hard to go back to the previous version. —Tom B

Keep up the great work and don't dare sleep until Alpha Anywhere is released! —Kevin A

Alpha Anywhere is the future! —Brad H

Panels and Lists deliver the mobile look and feel, but they offer much more than just mobile, providing many options that are working together very nicely. —Peter C

Thank you for the incredible software!! My advice is to continue offering exactly what you're offering. —Marios K

An excellent improvement over Alpha Five v11. —Robin B