Alpha Anywhere Developer's Guide


Alpha Anywhere Developer's Guide for Alpha Cloud

An overview of Alpha Cloud.
Key Features
An explanation of key features of Alpha Cloud.
An explanation of Alpha Cloud concepts.
Getting Started
Getting started with Alpha Cloud subscriptions and users.
Setting Preferences
Setting preferences for Alpha Cloud in the Alpha Anywhere development environment.
Publishing Steps
What is involved in publishing and deploying to Alpha Cloud.
Publishing Your Application
Publishing your first application to Alpha Cloud.
Advanced Publishing
Advanced publishing support for Alpha Cloud.
Preparing for Production
Preparing to move from development to production.
Tenancy in Alpha Cloud
Understanding Tenancy in Alpha Cloud.
Publishing Profile Management
Creating a publishing profile for your web project to publish to Alpha Cloud.
Managing Passwords
How to change and reset the password for your Alpha Cloud user.
Managing Subscriptions
Managing Alpha Cloud subscriptions.
Managing Accounts
Managing Alpha Cloud Accounts.
Managing Applications
Adding and maintaining Alpha Cloud applications.
Managing Deployments
Creating and managing application deployments on Alpha Cloud.
Managing Web Sites
Creating and managing web sites on Alpha Cloud.
Delegating Access
Delegating access to your Alpha Cloud resources.
Adding web sites to your own domain.
Uploading and managing TLS(SSL) certificates for web sites.
Managing Server Groups
Understanding server groups, parameters and scaling for subscription tenancy and dedicated tenancy web sites.
Managing Security Applications
Creating and managing Alpha Cloud security applications and publishing users and roles.
Cloud View
Using the Cloud View Dialog to monitor application deployments.
Alpha Cloud Status
Viewing the status of Alpha Cloud.
Managing Alerts
How to manage alerts for from Alpha Cloud.
Managing Usage and Costs
Using the usage and cost dialogs to manage deployed applications.
Alpha Cloud XBasic API
Alpha Cloud XBasic API.
Frequently Asked Questions
An explanation of Alpha Cloud concepts.
Creating An Amazon RDS Instance for MariaDB and Connecting From Alpha Cloud
This document is a walk-through of creating a MariaDB Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) instance and database that you can use with the Alpha Anywhere development environment and an application deployed on Alpha Cloud.