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00000 <page>
00001     <topic>Importing a Layout as a Starting Point for a New Report</topic>
00002     <description>If you have already created a form or browse, you can use it to create a report. The following example creates a report from the CustomerBrowse browse in the AlphaSports sample database.</description>
00003     <sections>
00004         <section>
00005             <steps>
00006                 <step>
00007                     <description>Display the Reports tab of the Control Panel.</description>
00008                 </step>
00009                 <step>
00010                     <description>Click New to display the New Report dialog.</description>
00011                 </step>
00012                 <step>
00013                     <description>Select the "customer" table in the Data Source list.</description>
00014                 </step>
00015                 <step>
00016                     <description>Select the Start from a Blank Report radio button and click OK.</description>
00017                 </step>
00018                 <step>
00019                     <description>Select Report < Import > Browse to display the Import Browse dialog.</description>
00020                 </step>
00021                 <step>
00022                     <description>Click No when the dialog asks if you want to save changes to the current report.</description>
00023                 </step>
00024                 <step>
00025                     <description>Select "CustomerBrowse" and click OK.</description>
00026                 </step>
00027                 <step>
00028                     <description>The Report Editor should look like the following. Note that the report only contains a detail section. You will want to add a report header and footer before the report is completed. </description>
00029                     <figure>
00030                         <link>images/UG_Report_from_Browse_1.gif</link>
00031                     </figure>
00032                 </step>
00033                 <step>
00034                     <description>Save your report.</description>
00035                 </step>
00036             </steps>
00037         </section>
00038     </sections>
00039 </page.>