Hide a 'Wait...' message


Hides a popup "wait" message that was displayed on the client.


The Hide a 'Wait...' message action can be used to hide a wait message that was previous displayed to the user using another action (such as Display a 'Wait...' message or the UX component's showWaitMessage() Javascript method.

Used with the UX component.

 Specify Wait Message To Hide Properties

Hide which message
Specify if you want to hide all open wait messages, or a specific wait message. Choices include All open wait messages, Specific wait message.
Lock what
Specify the part of the page to that the wait message has locked. Choices include Container, Element, Panel, Page.
Container Id
Specify the Id of the container.
Panel Id
Specify the Id of the panel.
Element Id
Specify the Id of the element.

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