Miscellaneous UI Functions


Miscellaneous functions for manipulating the UI in a Desktop application.


The A5_GET_EXPRESSION() function displays the Expression Builder.


The A5_HTML_EDITOR() function displays the HTML Editor and returns the title of the window that was created.

a5_quickimport Function

Displays UI to import a file (excel or comma delimited ascii) into the current table.

DIAL Function

Dial the telephone - uses aplha fives dialer settings.

UI_BEEP Function

UI_BEEP() plays a system beep sound through your computer's speaker. Sounds are attached to the various types of system beeps through the Windows Control Panel.

ui_color_name_get Function

Get a name for a color - flags - colorDesc is (N)umber or (R)GB values (H)ex (D)ecimal (O)ctal Output - (W)eb name if available.

ui_display_monitor_enum Function

Return list of all the monitor names.

ui_display_monitor_from_window Function

Return the name of the monitor a window is on - xdialog if defined, alpha five main window if not.

ui_display_monitor_primary Function

Return the name of the primary monitor.

ui_dock_panel_show Function

Show/hide a panel (if showing, open in a new portal, if hide - close open portal) optional edge overrides the default.

ui_dock_panel_visible Function

Returns TRUE if dock panel is visible.

ui_dock_update_void_locks Function

Release any pending user interfaces lock - entering a script modal section.


Prompt for a some Xbasic code. Mode: 0 - don't validate code, 1 - warn if error, 2 - require code to be free of errors


UI_EMAIL_SETTINGS() displays the Email Settings dialog box in which a user can set their email settings. These settings are used when you send email using the built-in email feature in Alpha Anywhere, rather than the default email client (such as Eudora or Outlook ).

UI_FREEZE Function

Turns off/on screen repainting.


Converts an HTML image map to a ui_hotspots list.

ui_hotspot_get Function

Return a hotspot from a hotspot list based on position.

ui_keycode_normalize Function

Normalize friendly keycodes (all flavors handled by sys_send_keys) into terse form of keycode sent to OnKey events. In other words, this function converts a key code string (e.g. Shift-Ctrl-F12) to the syntax required by the OnKey event in a Form Layout.

UI_MSG_BOX Function

UI_MSG_BOX() displays several variations of the standard Windows message dialog box. The dialog box variation is determined by the value of the optional Message Type parameter. If you omit the Message_Type, a default message box with a single OK button appears.


The UI_PROMPT_NEW_SET() function displays the Specify Set Name dialog box, then returns the fully qualified name of the new set.


The UI_PROMPT_NEW_TABLE() function displays the Specify Table Name dialog box, then returns the fully qualified name of the new table.


The UI_REGEX_BUILDER() function displays the Regular Expression Tester, which helps you build and test regular expressions.


The UI_RUN_PROGRAM() function displays the Run Another Program dialog box.


Displays a picklist of scripts in dialog or toolbar format. Selected script is executed. Mode: 1= script_play_local(), 2=script_play(), 3= script_spwan()


The UI_SELECT_SCRIPT_POPUP() function displays one or more script names as menu selections in a pop-up list. If the user selects a script from the pop-up menu, the script is executed.


The UI_SHOW_IMAGE() function displays a pop-up dialog displaying a Windows Bitmap (.BMP) or JPEG (.JPG) image. If filename is null, A5 prompts. Stype is 'Best Fit', 'Absolute' or 'Stretch'

ui_status_info_get Function

Returns Statusbar quickdraw based on selected sections.


Draw directly to the statusbars first 'pane'- if optional background flag is set, we draw the background for any new status messages. Internal use only

ui_statusbar_format Function

Sets statuss bar format.


The UI_TOOLBAR() function runs a script that in turn displays a toolbar populated with the selections provided in Choice_List and returns the user's selection. Because the script displays the toolbar, the programmer does not receive a pointer to the toolbar.

UI_YIELD Function

Let windows process messages.