Alpha Anywhere Runtime License
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The Alpha Anywhere Runtime allows other users to run your Alpha Anywhere applications, but not to modify them (with certain exceptions). The following Runtime products are available.
Runtime Compared to Runtime+
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The Alpha Five Runtime and Alpha Five Runtime+ products both allow you to run your Alpha Five applications. Runtime+ allows you to add ad-hoc reporting to your applications. The following table summarizes the differences between the two versions of the Runtime.
About Activating Alpha Five
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Answers some questions about activating Alpha Five, such as "What is activation?" and "What is an activation Key?".
Alpha Five V9
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Improvements from Alpha Five V9.
Alpha Five V11 Help Pages
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Improvements from Alpha Five V11.
Using 3rd Party ActiveX Controls in Runtime Applications
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Users of Runtime applications that use 3rd party ActiveX controls do not own a licensed copy of the ActiveX control. as a result, even though the particular ActiveX control is physically present on the user's machine and is properly registered, when a user tries to run the application, he gets an error saying that the control is not licensed.
Designing an Application for Alpha Anywhere Runtime
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When you design an application that you intend to run with the Alpha Anywhere Runtime, you should make sure that you keep the following in mind:
Alpha Five V11
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Page links and information relating to A5 V11.
Alpha Five V8
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Improvements from Alpha Five V8.
Alpha Five V10
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Improvements from Alpha Five V10