Creating a Login Page
/documentation/pages/Guides/Xbasic/Creating a Login Page.xml
Code examples and a short guide on how to create a login page.
Creating Custom Action Scripts
/documentation/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/Platform/Xbasic Action Scripting/Creating Custom Action Scripts.xml
While the Pre-Defined buttons are useful, they will not satisfy all your customization needs. You will need more elaborate, multi-step scripts that are executed when a user clicks a button on a form. This example creates a button that saves the current record, puts the form into Enter mode for entering a new record, sets the Bill_Country field default value to "United States," and then gives focus to the Firstname field, where the user can continue entering data for the new record.
Creating a Script to Print a Report for a Selected Record
/documentation/pages/Desktop/Tutorial/Design/View/Database/Creating a Script to Print a Report for a Selected Record.xml
In this example, you will create a script that prints out a mailing label for a particular customer. The script will prompt the user for the customer's name. This script will be a Global Script. as you will recall, a Global Script appears in the Control Panel in the Code tab, and can be run by double-clicking the script name, or clicking the Run button.
Embedding Fonts in Reports
/documentation/pages/Guides/Report/Printing Techniques/Embedding Fonts.xml
If a PDF Report is opened on a device that does not have the font used to generate the PDF Report, the Report will not render as expected. To fix this, 'Embed fonts' must be enabled in the PDF options.
Creating Labels for a Set
/documentation/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/Data/Set/Creating Labels for a Set.xml
If you are creating a Label layout for a set, and your set contains one or more one-to-many links, by default you will get only one Label for each primary record in your set. If you want to get a separate Label for each child linked to the primary table, you can choose a different addressee table.
Creating Charts with SimpleChart
/documentation/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/View/Chart/Creating Charts with SimpleChart.xml
Creating various charts with SimpleChart.
Using Crystal Reports with Alpha Anywhere
/documentation/pages/Guides/Desktop/Xdialog/Using Crystal Reports with Alpha Anywhere.xml
Some users have expressed an interest in incorporating Crystal Reports into an Alpha Anywhere application.
Creating a Grid Component - Tutorial
/documentation/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/Grid/Introducing the Grid Builder/Tutorials/Creating a Grid Component - Tutorial.xml
Covers a range of topics including selecting a database, creating a grid component, selecting data to use and display in the component, and how to view the component in a browser.
Creating oAuth Client Applications
/documentation/pages/Server/Guide/Design/View/UX/Creating oAuth Client Applications.xml
This guide includes a guide to building the UX using generated oAuth code in four stages, as well as some related topics.
Creating Wallpaper for Your Application
/documentation/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/View/Form/Creating Wallpaper for Your Application.xml
What is "wallpaper" and creating wallpaper: