Client-side Data Cache Actions
/documentation/pages/Ref/Action Javascript/Client-side Data Cache Actions.xml
Perform some action on an item in the Client-side Data Cache (e.g. read the data, refresh the data, etc.).
Generating QR Codes on the Client-side Using Javascript
/documentation/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/UX/Controls/Data Controls/QRCode/Generating QR Codes on the Client-side Using Javascript.xml
QR Codes are simply data. As with other data controls, you can the setValueFrom() to set the value of a QR Code.
Client-Side Data Cache
/documentation/pages/Guides/PhoneGap/Data Integration/Client Side Data Cache.xml
The client-side data cache allows you to define one or more 'data items' that are cached on the client-side so that you can reference this data in a UX component. The data in the data cache is in the form of Javascript arrays.
Open a UX component to Edit Current Record in List Control in a UX, or add a new Record to a List Control in a UX
/documentation/pages/Ref/Action Javascript/Open a UX component to Edit Current Record in List Control in a UX, or add a new Record to a List Control in a UX.xml
Open a UX component in a pop-up window, or in a DIV on the current page, to eidt the current page, to edit the current row in a List control in a UX component or to enter a new record into a List. (Applies only to Lists based on SQL or DBF data sources).
Introducing the UX Component
/documentation/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/UX/Intro/index.xml
The UX Component is one of the basic building blocks for Alpha Anywhere applications. It is generally the main component for creating mobile apps.
Creating a Custom Component
/documentation/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/Custom/Creating a Custom Component.xml
Creating a custom component involves four steps.
How to Dynamically Set the Client-side Mask
/documentation/pages/HowTo/Other/How to Dynamically Set the Client-side Mask.xml
A client-side mask can be set dynamically at runtime using JavaScript.
Grid Component Builder - Setting Default Properties
/documentation/pages/Server/Guide/Design/View/Grid/Grid Component/Grid Component Builder Setting Default Properties.xml
The Options, Set Default Properties command in the Grid Builder has always allowed you to set default properties for the Grid when you create a new Grid. However, if you created a new Grid from a Template, the default properties that you set were not honored. They were only honored if you created a blank new grid. Now, the default properties are used even if you use a template. This makes it much easier to customize the Grid builder for developers whose native language is not English.
Video Player Component Events
/documentation/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/VideoPlayer/Video Player Component Events.xml
Information about client-side and server-side events for the Video Player Component.
Client-side Data Cache Actions
/documentation/pages/Guides/PhoneGap/Data Integration/Clien Side Data Cache Actions.xml
Action Javascript allows you to perform several actions on data items in the Data Cache. Select the 'Client-side Data Cache Actions' action from the list of available actions.