How to Call a UX Component from a Grid and Pass Information from the UX Component Back into the Grid
/documentation/pages/HowTo/Grid/Calling a UX Component from a Grid and Pass Information from the Dialog Back to the Grid.xml
Steps and examples on how to do this are described in this page.
The ControlBar Control
/documentation/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/UX/Controls/Other Controls/ControlBar/The ControlBar Control.xml
An overview of the ControlBar Control, its methods, and the concepts behind it. ControlBar controls are an easy way to organize buttons in panelheaders when building Mobile applications.
Dynamically Re-populate the Choices in an Edit-Combo using Javascript
/documentation/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/UX/Controls/Data Controls/TextBox/Dynamically Re-populate the Choices in an Edit-Combo using Javascript.xml
Text box controls can be used to create edit combo boxes. The choices shown in an edit-combo can then be dynamically repopulated at run-time using Javascript.
How to Disable Grid Input Controls when Update is not Allowed for the Current User
/documentation/pages/HowTo/Grid/Disable Input Controls when Update Not Allowed.xml
In a Grid component if you have the Security Framework enabled and the user does not have permission to update data, the input controls are still enabled even though the user will not be able to save any edits. It might be desirable to disable input controls when the user does not have update permission.
Using Google Charts as an Alternative to the Built-in Chart Controls
/documentation/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/UX/Controls/Data Controls/Chart/Using Google Charts as an Alternative to the Built-in Chart Controls.xml
The UX component contains a powerful built-in chart control (based on the Microsoft .Net visualization library). This is a 'server-side' control (meaning that the chart is rendered on the server and then the resulting image is sent to the browser.
Web Grid Enhancements V11
/documentation/pages/Index/Web Grid Enhancements V11.html
Composing a SQL Field Expression
/documentation/pages/Server/Reference/Design/Data/SQL/Composing a SQL Field Expression.xml
Web publishing applications only. The target database determines what SQL syntax for an expression is acceptable. The Application Server does not care what you write, because it simply passes the SQL as is though to the target database. This following is an example expression that Microsoft Access accepts. This expression concatenates two fields to create a unique value named mykeyfield. This expression was required because the source table did not have that single key field that could be used to link to a detail view form.
How to Specify an Alternate Configuration File for the Alpha Anywhere Standard Application Server
/documentation/pages/HowTo/Application_Server/Specify an Alternate Configuration File for the Application Server.xml
The Application Server allows for an alternate configuration file to be specified. This is done through the use of a command line option, CONFIGFILE. For example, to launch the Application Server using a configuration file named TestConfig.xml in the root of the server's C drive:
Web Grid Miscellaneous Enhancements
/documentation/pages/Index/Web Grid Miscellaneous Enhancements V11.xml
Table of contents:
How to Override Grid Component Settings in an .a5w page or OnGridExecute event
/documentation/pages/HowTo/Grid/How to Override Certain Settings in the .a5w page or in the V10 OnGridExecute event.xml
Properties of the Grid Component can be overridden at run-time when the Grid is being loaded on an .a5w page or in the Grid Component's onGridExecute server-side event.