Push Notifications : Pushwoosh Component Template
/documentation/pages/Guides/PhoneGap/Component Templates/Push Notifications/Pushwoosh/index.xml
This component template demonstrates the use of the PhoneGap Pushwoosh plugin which enables sending and receiving push notifications powered by Pushwoosh.
How to Build an IIS Deployment Package
/documentation/pages/HowTo/IIS/How to Build an IIS Deployment Package.xml
If there is completely no access to the IIS server, Alpha Anywhere does not currently support creating a package that can be independently deployed on the IIS server. However, by using the following steps, a deployment package can be created outside of Alpha Anywhere.
IIS Installation Guide
A guide to installing the Alpha Anywhere Appication Server for IIS.
a5w_report_saveas Function
/documentation/pages/Ref/Api/Functions/Printable Layouts/Report Functions/A5W_report_saveas Function.xml
The a5w_report_saveas() method prints LayoutName to file in PDF, HTML, RTF, or TXT formats. If no format is specified, the PDF format is used. If a report needs to get access to global variables defined in a .a5w page, you must call this function, and not Report.SaveAs()
Installing Alpha Anywhere
Follow this step by step guide to install Alpha Anywhere.
TransForm Helper Features
/documentation/pages/Guides/Alpha TransForm/TransForm Helper Features.xml
Alpha Anywhere includes built-in tools that make it easy to create applications that interact with Alpha TransForm.
Stripe API returns Cannot find module 'stripe'
/documentation/pages/Troubleshooting/Stripe API Cannot find module stripe.xml
Manually fix stripe module not getting installed.
Port is Already in Use Error when Starting Server
/documentation/pages/Troubleshooting/Web Server/Port is in use.xml
The Alpha Anywhere Application Server cannot start if the server's Server Port is being used by another process.
Alpha Cloud Alpha Anywhere Developers Guide Managing Web Sites
/documentation/pages/Guides/Alpha Cloud/Alpha Anywhere Developers Guide/Managing Web Sites.html
How to Connect to SQL Server from 64-bit Windows
/documentation/pages/HowTo/Databases/How to Connect to SQL Server from 64-bit Windows.xml
Alpha Anywhere SQL Server interface is a wrapper around Microsoft s SQL Server ODBC drivers (there are now three versions). If you are able to create a DSN with the Microsoft ODBC manager, then you will be able to connect with Alpha Anywhere as well.