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How Alpha Anywhere Helps IT Managers and Developers Meet the Increasing Demand for Mobile Apps in the Enterprise

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The demand for apps in the enterprise is at an all-time high, as businesses recognize that it’s a mobile-first world, and turn to apps for generating revenue, increasing customer loyalty, and improving efficiency. But the latest research shows that companies can’t find nearly enough enterprise mobile app development talent, and are facing a growing mobile backlog.

If you're managing an IT department, you're under pressure to ramp up your mobile efforts in order for your company to be more competitive. And you know that finding qualified mobile app specialists is hard, and if you do find them, they're going to be expensive.

A recent survey of enterprise development managers in Application Development Trends magazine found that 85% of people said they had a backlog of between 1 and 20 mobile apps. And 50% reported backlogs of between 10 and 20 apps.

Alpha Anywhere is designed to meet the demands of Enterprise businesses who need a single unified system for rapidly building powerful, secure, and responsive mobile and web applications as quickly as possbile.

By leveraging you or your teams existing skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript for client-side development, and connecting to your existing data sources (SQL databases, NoSQL Databases, web services, and more) you can use Alpha Anywhere to build highly secure, robust offline-capable apps and deliver them on—or even ahead—of schedule.

Addressing the Concerns of Enterprise Mobile Developers, CIOs, and CTOs

Before we get into the key Alpha Anywhere capabilities, lets explore some of the concerns and requirements that 590 corporate developers, CIOs and CTOs expressed in a recent VDC Research study regarding mobile app development:

  • 78% of mobile enterprise developers surveyed are integrating their business mobile applications with two or more back-end databases. 91% of those surveyed believe that integrating enterprise mobile applications with multiple back-end databases adds significant design complexities and cost.
  • 89% feel that offline / disconnected support for enterprise mobile business applications is either critically or very important.
  • 78% said that integrating HTML5 mobile applications with back-end databases requires substantial custom coding.

Alpha Anywhere: Enterprise Ready Agile HTML5 and Hybrid Development

Many of Alpha Anywhere's key capabilities have been engineered to ensure that it is "enterprise ready:"

  • Offline Built-in: With Alpha Anywhere 3.0, building offline support into a business app eliminates the huge complexity and costs associated with other platforms. (Wired Magazine says adding offline to business apps triples the cost. Also Xamarin developers stated, at its recent conference, that adding offline support can increase the costs of an app by 10X!) See offline features
  • Low Code and a Short Learning Curve: Minimizes coding to maximize productivity while still letting you code when needed. Developers can become proficient mobile developers in 7-10 days with Alpha Anywhere. Learn more about 'Low-Code'
  • Front-end and Back-end Built-in: Everything you need on the server and client-side to get the job done. Alpha Anywhere includes tools such as a security framework, enterprise-level reporting, geo-location tools, charting, scheduling, media handling. See features overview
  • Build Once, Run Anywhere on Mobile and the Web: Takes advantage of Responsive App Design built in to Alpha Anywhere.
  • Standards Based and Uses HTML5/JavaScript: Companies can use the Web developers they already have. (There are 10X as many web developers vs native mobile developers.) Alpha has a strong commitment to JavaScript on both the browser and server.
  • Tightly Integrated with Adobe PhoneGap: With Alpha Anywhere's one-click PhoneGap Build integration you can build HTML5/Hybrid business applications that tap into native device hardware and deploy them from app stores. Learn more
  • Apperian Integration for Enterprise Mobile App Management: With our latest release, Alpha Anywhere 3.0, we added the ability to publish your PhoneGap apps directly to Apperian for enterprise app management. Apperian provides a brandable, consumer-like enterprise app store that also allows an organization to wrap (“app wrapping”) any business app and encapsulate it with security and usage policies without requiring app code modifications. Learn more
  • Affordable and Transparent Pricing Based Model: Per Server vs Per User: This approach is in line with what customers want and allows for apps that can be externally facing. See pricing

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