Alpha Anywhere: A Record of Innovation

Alpha Software is committed to making Alpha Anywhere the most complete, the fastest, and the most cost effective way to build secure, scalable, robust, and responsive web and mobile applications.

To this end we are constantly innovating. When you become an Alpha Anywhere customer you are assured a stream of new releases and updates giving you access to the latest and greatest capabilities that we have to offer.

Below we've outlined a small selection of some of the many new features that have been introduced since the initial Alpha Anywhere launch.

Alpha Anywhere Product Updates:

September 2014: Alpha Anywhere 3.0

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April 2014: Alpha Anywhere 2.0

Overview of Version 2.0 | New Features Video Library



Support for the PhoneGap Build service is now tightly integrated into Alpha Anywhere! PhoneGap is an open source product that allows you to build native applications for mobile devices. With Alpha Anywhere's PhoneGap integration, you can easily create a native application that has access to all of the native features of the phone that are exposed by PhoneGap.

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New Styles: iOS7 and Android


With this update comes three beautiful new styles for iOS7 and Android. These new styles feature the sleek, modern design that mobile users have come to expect—plus support for CSS icons! (More info on using CSS icons below.)


Cross-Domain Ajax Callbacks


A cross-domain Ajax callback is a callback that takes places to a server that is in a different domain than the domain from which the component was loaded. Now Alpha Anywhere features support for cross-domain Ajax callbacks, facilitating the retrieval of data from third-party services.

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Client-side Formatting for Numeric Data and Templates


Now, with Alpha Anywhere's Number Format Genie its easy to specify sophisticated numeric formatting for data displayed on the screen, such as currency, part numbers, and more.

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Built in cURL Support


cURL is a popular library for calling URLs. This new capability facilitates the use of cURL commands on the server, making it easy to leverage a popular library for accessing files using URL syntax.


CSS Icons (Icon Fonts)


Icon fonts have become very popular—especially for mobile applications—because they scale smoothly, and are smaller than bitmaps. Support for CSS icon fonts is now tightly integrated into Alpha Anywhere, with the Font Awesome icon library—a popular open-source icon font library—pre-installed! Plus, downloading 3rd party CSS icon font libraries is incredibly easy.

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Pre-Defined 'Split-View' Quick Start Templates


A common pattern in mobile apps is the 'split-view' which shows a menu on the left and a work area on the right. On a phone, the menu is hidden and only shown on demand, but on a tablet, the menu is always shown. Now, with Alpha Anywhere, you can simply select a pre-defined split-view quick start template to automatically generate the outline—complete with CSS icons—of a stunning menu for your mobile apps!


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Security Framework: Automated SQL Databases


The Web Application Security framework allows you to store the account information for the users and groups in your security framework in either .dbf tables or a SQL database. Previously, configuring the Web Security Framework to use SQL tables was a manual process, but now a new genie makes it easy for you switch a previously configured Security Framework from .dbf tables to SQL tables without losing any of your data.




This build features enhancements to automate support of internationalized versions of applications through the Internationalization Helper.

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Many Enhancements to the List Control


With this new build, we've added a number of new enhancements to the List Control including client-side group breaks, an index bar, and filtering and sorting, all of which enhance the display of lists.


Remember: This is just an overview of some of what's included in Alpha Anywhere 2.0. To see a complete list, along with more videos and documentation, please check out the release notes.

November 2013 Software Update

Responsive Layout Genie


Quickly and easily build Responsive Web Apps that run on a single codebase. Using the Responsive Layout Genie, your web and mobile apps will automatically adjust to the screen size, window size, and orientation differences of the various devices your users are accessing them from.

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AbsoluteLayout Container


Alpha Anywhere developers can now place controls at absolute positions on the screen using an astoundingly simple WYSIWYG drag-and-drop interface. Especially useful for creating complex forms using an image as the background.

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Absolute Positioning of Objects in Reports


After an extremely positive response to the pre-release of the AbsoluteLayout Container, we've added absolute positioning of objects in reports. Layout Table reports now offer the ability to use an image of a form as the report background and to then position the report fields directly over the 'fields' on the background image.

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Custom Styling: Radiobutton and Checkbox Controls


The standard way in which browsers render checkbox and radiobutton controls is pretty drab. Now, in Alpha Anywhere, the UX component allows you to apply a rich set of styling options to radiobutton and checkbox controls.

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Printing QR Codes


Layout Table Reports now support printing any cell in the Layout Table that contains a text value as a QR code. To print the contents of a cell as q QR code, simply check the 'Display QRCode for text in cell' property at the bottom of the 'Cell Contents' dialog box.

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Displaying QR Codes on a UX Component


A common requirement, especially in mobile applications, is to display data encoded as a QR code. Now, Alpha Anywhere makes it easy. QR codes can now be shown on a UX component using both client-side and server-side techniques.

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New Mobile Theme: Slate


"Slate," a gorgeous new stylesheet for mobile applications, is now ready for testing. Although not quite ready for official use (it doesn't yet contain classes for Grids or the Tabbed UI) we're releasing this to mobile developers for feedback. Let us know what you think!

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Xbasic Update: Working with XML Documents


Alpha's own server-side language Xbasic has always had a powerful XML parser, but the new *property_from_xml() function and the new XML document viewer make it ever easier to work with XML documents.

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Reports: Creating Custom Style Sheets


With this new release, it is now much easier to create custom style sheets for Layout Table Reports. Simply select 'New Style Sheet' from the Quick Report Genie and you're on your way.


Session Timeout Warning


In Alpha Anywhere, the UX component can now be configured to display a warning to the user that their session is about to expire.


Remember: This is just a sampling of the 30+ new features in the November 2013 software update. To see a complete list, along with videos, screenshots, and documentation, please check out the release notes.

August 2013 Software Update

Signature Capture Control


A common requirement in mobile applications is the ability to capture a signature and store the signature in a database. That's why a new Signature Capture control has been added to the UX component.

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Printing QR Codes


There are endless business applications for QR codes. Now, with the new printQRCode() function, you can print QR codes—representing whatever value you'd like—directly in your reports.

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AppLauncher Component


So, you've designed an app that's accessed through a URL. But users will be launching your app from any number of different devices—whether it be an iOS phone or tablet, an Android device, a desktop browser, a Windows phone, etc.—and you want each device to launch a different startup component or page.

By using the AppLauncher component, you can automatically detect the user's device and launch the appropriate component, or .a5w page, with the appropriate stylesheet. You can even navigate to a different URL.


Analyze Web Access Logs


Better understand your users interaction with your app with the new A5W_AnalyzeWebAccessLogs() function. This function provides web access analysis and finds the number of server requests per minute. You'll be able to estimate the load being placed on a server, generate a list of all IP addresses that accessed the system sorted by number of requests, and more


Mobile Login/Authentication


Protect sensitive data and ensure mobile security with the new Integrated Mobile Login functionality. In addition to previously available authentication methods in Alpha Anywhere, the UX component can now include an authentication layer, allowing for a much richer UI complete with standard mobile elements.


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User-Defined Sub-Themes


In Alpha Anywhere, every control type has a sub-theme of 'base' and this sub-theme is implied if no sub-theme is explicitly set. The sub-themes for a given style (e.g. iOS, MobBlue, etc.) are defined in the style.js file in the folder of the same name as the file (e.g. CSS\iOS\style.js).

Now, developers can define their own sub-themes by adding code to the style.js file, (in which case the new sub-theme will be available to all components that use a particular style), or by adding the sub-theme in as a 'locally' defined sub-theme as part of the UX component.

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Remember: This is just a sampling of the 30+ new features in the August 2013 Alpha Anywhere software update. To see a complete list, along with videos, screenshots, and documentation, please check out the release notes.

June 2013 Product Launch

What's New in Alpha Anywhere?


To put it simply; no other development platform comes close to Alpha Anywhere in terms of its ability to produce serious business applications once that can run on all major devices (iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Android Phones/Tablets, Win Phones/ Tablets, PC's, Mac's,Laptops, Chromebooks). Alpha Anywhere is getting written about in places like All Things Digital (Wall Street Journal), The Boston Globe and Dr. Dobbs.

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Improvements on the Desktop and Web


Alpha Anywhere offers massive enhancements whether you are building web and desktop apps and of course if you want to dive into mobile applications. While there has been plenty of focus on the mobile features in Alpha Anywhere, we also want to stress just how much work has been done that directly applies to building web and desktop applications.

The brand new UX Component (think of the Dialog Component on steroids!), significant improvements to the Grid Component (such as image upload to new records), a new JavaScript editor that includes auto-complete, lots of very powerful new actions in Action JavaScript, and tremendous enhancements to reports. Alpha Anywhere also has added security, improved visualization and charting, expanded Xbasic capabilities, more throughput on the server, and much, much more.


Build Touch as Well as Mobile Apps


When we talk about mobile applications, we could also be talking about Alpha Anywhere's ability to build touch applications. Through a new breed of touch enabled computing devices running Windows 8, touch has come to the web. With the introduction of Alpha Anywhere, we've made it simple to update your existing applications to include a touch enabled user experience no matter what device your users are using—from mobile devices 4 inches wide to monitors 4 feet wide.

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Alpha Anywhere's New UX Component


We've taken the Dialog component in v11 and added boat loads of amazing new features—including mobile (while still ensuring that your v11 apps run just fine). Essentially, the UX Component is the big brother of the v11 Dialog Component, loaded with powerful new functionality, sophisticated control types and stunning new features. Everything that we've added to the UX Component for building mobile applications can be applied to your existing desktop and web apps.


New in Reporting: HTML, PDF, Excel, and More


With Alpha Anywhere, you can display your reports as HTML, PDF or both. With lightning fast performance, HTML reports vastly enhance the user experience. In addition to HTML and PDF, your data can be exported directly to Excel, Word, and ASCII with the full structure of a report definition—including live Excel formulae.

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What are Alpha Anywhere Users Saying?


Alpha Anywhere is just that good."
Imran Riaz, Senior VP & Chief Risk Officer for Equipment Finance/Federal leasing at TD Bank


Alpha Anywhere fills a critical need to let developers like me build serious web and mobile applications fast.
Dion McCormick, CEO of GKR Solutions


Alpha Software is a company that knows where they're going. We are delighted with Alpha Anywhere.
Anthony Ward, Dir. of Development for Palace Entertainment, owner of 37 theme parks


I get a real competitive advantage because I can develop apps with Alpha Anywhere that will run on all of these platforms.
Nils Boje is building apps for enterprises such as MAERSK, the world largest shipping company, with Alpha Anywhere

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