Alpha Anywhere Installation and Startup Script

This script is a companion to the Alpha Anywhere Installation and Startup video. The video was created by following this script. If you run into any problems when installing and starting up Alpha Anywhere, please don't hesitate to check the New User Support page or contact Alpha Software for assistance.


In this video, we'll install Alpha Anywhere and set up our first project.

Step: 1-1

So to begin, let's download and install Alpha Anywhere using a download link. You can use either the trial download link - which appears in an email from Alpha Software when you register for the trial. Or, if you have an Alpha Anywhere subscription, you can use the download link that came with your subscription. It doesn't make any difference.

Step: 1-2

Depending on your security settings you may need to click on a dialog box, like I'm doing here to give permission to Windows to install Alpha Anywhere.

Step: 1-3

Now, during installation, you may be prompted to install some of other components, in this case it's prompting us to install SQL Server System CLR types. You should go ahead and do this to ensure Alpha Anywhere runs properly.

Running Alpha Anywhere for the first time
Step: 2-1

Once you've finished installing Alpha Anywhere you can launch it.

Step: 2-2

On the Windows 8 Start Screen, scroll right until you find the Icon with Alpha Five v12 written underneath, and click on the icon to launch.

Step: 2-3

You'll be prompted to either enter a serial number - or if you don't have a serial number you can use it for up to 30 days without it as a trial user. That's what we'll do here. As a trial user, you need to supply a little bit of information about yourself before you can proceed.

Once that's done, the Select Workspace dialog box will appear. This dialog box serves two purposes. First it lets you know if your software is up to date, and gives an update link if it isn't. We just downloaded the software, so our copy is up to date.

Step: 2-4

Now by clicking on the Workspace and Tasks tab - we can now create a new workspace or choose a sample workspace.

A workspace - as the name might already imply - is a a place where you can keep track of all of the parts of your project. This might include, web pages, scripts, images, web components and other elements.

So, let's go ahead and build a brand new workspace so that we can be ready for the next tutorial videos.

Step: 2-5

To begin, check the box to tell Alpha Anywhere that I'm interested in building web or mobile applications. This will turn on certain parts of the Alpha Anywhere interface that that we'll use later.

Step: 2-6

Next, click the Create a New Empty Workspace button. Then click OK.

Alpha Anywhere prompts you for where you would like to create your workspace and what you would like it to be called.

Over time, I know I'll probably have many Alpha Anywhere workspaces, and the best practice to always keep each workspace in a separate folder.

Step: 2-7

So I'll first create a folder to keep all of my workspaces, and I'll call it Alpha Anywhere Workspaces.

Step: 2-8

Then I'll create a subfolder called MyFirstWorkspace.

Step: 2-9

And in that subfolder I'll create the workspace itself, which I'll also call MyFirstWorkspace. It will automatically be saved with the extension ADB.

Now because I told Alpha Anywhere that I was interested in Web and Mobile applications, the next thing Alpha Anywhere asks is if I want to Web Applications Control Panel.

Step: 2-10

So we'll go ahead and click the checkbox marked Open the Web Control Panel when this Workspace is opened and click OK.

Now you're probably think OK, what does all this mean.

In simple terms, Alpha Anywhere has two interfaces which are at its heart. One is called the Control Panel and the other is the Web Projects Control Panel. For web and mobile applications, you'll be working almost exclusively with the Web Projects Control Panel - so by checking that box, we've told Alpha Anywhere to open this interface every time we start Alpha Anywhere.

Now since this is our first time opening the Web Porjects Control Panel - Alpha Anywhere assists us with this Getting Started page, which lists out the common terms and concepts you'll need to know.

Step: 2-11

We'll close that for now, and we're presented with the Web Projects Control Panel.

And that's all we need to do for this lesson, and we're ready for the tutorial videos that follow.


As a quick review:

We installed Alpha Anywhere using the download link.

We started Alpha Anywhere by looking for the Alpha Five v12 icon.

We checked to see if we had the most up to date version.

Then we told Alpha Anywhere what kind of application we wanted to build.

Next we created a new workspace called MyFirstWorkspace.

And we arrived at the Web Projects Control Panel - ready to begin out first project.

Great job! And thanks for watching.