Case Study: Golder Associates

Enterprise MS Access App Goes Mobile

"Thanks again for your team's efforts to effectively and efficiently convert my ideas to the next level for global use. Your speed of development is very impressive."


When global engineering company Golder Associates, who count over 9,000 employees in 180 offices worldwide, realized it was time to convert a large MS Access application to a mobile web app so that they could continue growing effectively, they went on an exhaustive two year investigation of application platforms.

Their goal was the conversion, upgrade and migration to the web and mobile of mission critical legacy systems built in Microsoft Access.


When it came down to selecting a development platform that could provide the robustness, scalability, completeness of features and the ability to convert their Access application to the web and mobile, they decided that Alpha Anywhere, and Alpha Software's Consulting Services division, was the clear choice.


As the MS Access mobile migration proceeded and Golder saw first-hand the productivity that Alpha Anywhere provided, they decided to authorize the design and development of numerous additional features and functionality, such as multi-lingual functionality, Single Sign On (SSO), enhanced reporting capabilities, and a completely updated UI.