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Video Series: Gallery of Browser-Based User Interface Designs for Business Applications

Alpha Anywhere comes with a variety of sample applications built-in. One of those applications provides working examples of many different user interface variations for displaying data from databases in a browser. This 10-part video series will help guide you through this sample application, explaining each of the examples and showing you, for each example, how to find more information about how you can build something like it.
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Tabbed UI Login/Logout Feature

Let your users log in right from a Tabbed UI interface instead of from a separate login screen - and save yourself the effort of building a separate login page. The Tabbed UI login works with the integrated security system, which tracks users, groups, and pages to make sure only authorized users see sensitive data. Some of the features of the Tabbed UI Login/Logout allow you to:

  • Hide controls when no one is logged in, then display all controls allowed for the user after login.
  • Display a warning dialog when a session is about to expire due to inactivity.
  • Specify a template to use for the message that is displayed in the menu bar after a user logs in. This message typically indicates the name of the logged in user.
  • Customize login failure messages and translate them into multiple languages.
  • Add a 'Register new account' link. This link can be shown on the menu bar beside the login link, on the actual login dropdown, or both.
  • Use the 'onLogin' event fires after the user logs in to run your own script. For example, it can be used to change the message displayed in the {userName} placeholder or to set session variables based on the logged in user values.
  • Use the 'onLogout' function, which fires when the user logs out. This could be used to clear session variables or record the logout action as desired.

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More information and other videos are available in the Release Notes.