Alpha DevCon 2018

Case Study: OERCA

Responsive Aquarium and Zoological Management System

"Alpha allows for amazing development of comprehensive programs. It's incredible how quickly you can roll out a program. Because of Alpha's rapid development, we are able to compete against multi-million dollar companies and enhance our product faster than they can.

- Mark Simmons, Managing Partner at OERCA


When Alpha developer Steve Workings was approached by marine mammal care and facility management company Ocean Embassy, they had been using a Microsoft Access program for their dolphin for the last three years that was clearly not up to task. They had been dreaming about what the next incarnation of this software might look like—one that incorporated mobile, robust reporting and charting, and extensive data, long-term scientific data collection—and wanted to know if Alpha could be used to develop the right solution


It turns out that the answer, in a big, big way, was "Yes!" After just six months of development, Steve had the software operating in a research and rescue operation, a small zoological facility, and its first major implementation in a large theme park.


Using Alpha, Steve has created what is on its way to becoming the standard software application for the marine mammal care industry. And OERCA won't be stopping at marine mammals either. It turns out that aquariums, aviaries, turtle care facilities and even most terrestrial zoos really don't have a comprehensive, all-in-one, easy-to-use, satisfactory software solution either.

When asked what sets Alpha apart, lead developer Steve listed the following:

  • Stability and consistent performance on the web server
  • Terrific compatibility with MS SQL
  • A bulletproof and flexible security framework
  • Rapid application development capabilities
  • Tons of built-in AJAX and Javascript
  • Opportunities everywhere for custom HTML, Javascript, CSS and Xbasic
  • Easy integration with third party software
  • The supportive community of Alpha users