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Alpha Anywhere Helps Developers and Entrepreneurs Create Mobile and Web SaaS Business Apps Quickly with Framework

Announced Today at Alpha Software's Worldwide Developer Conference 2014, the SaaS Framework automatically adds all the necessary components to transform an App created in Alpha Anywhere into a commercial SaaS App

October 8, 2014 Boston, Mass. -- Alpha Software Corporation today announced the availability of the SaaS Framework, built on top of the highly-productive low-code Alpha Anywhere application development and deployment environment, which enables developers and entrepreneurs to quickly build offline-capable mobile and web business applications.

As interest in entrepreneurship reaches an all-time high, businesses and entrepreneurs are turning to SaaS to achieve many benefits such as low overhead costs and scalability. But building a successful SaaS application can be a complex task involving many different layers. The software must be easy to use and functional on multiple platforms such as desktops and mobile, performance requires well-written code and a well-designed database, and security is paramount.

Alpha Software has addressed these challenges with the customizable SaaS Framework, which provides all the necessary pages and components that are standard with most SaaS businesses apps, such as user authentication, free trial status and client portals. The SaaS Framework is suitable for all the product stages, from prototype to full product. It also provides valuable components required for scalable database design and multi tenancy applications. Native Alpha Anywhere user security is incorporated into the SaaS Framework to create a secure and flexible security model.

"SaaS applications can be very profitable for developers and entrepreneurs but the development of these applications can pose many challenges, from security to scalability to performance," said Richard Rabins, Alpha Software Corporation CEO. "By adding the new SaaS Framework capabilities into the Alpha Anywhere environment that our customers have come to rely on, we're further enhancing the appeal of Alpha Anywhere. Alpha Anywhere is not only the ideal environment for rapidly building enterprise-grade offline-capable mobile and web applications, but it now also becomes a secret weapon for developers and entrepreneurs who want to get their commercial mobile and web SaaS app to market quickly and cost effectively."

"Alpha Anywhere streamlines the process of creating mobile and web business apps, which would otherwise be very costly and time-consuming," said Scott Moore, Co-Founder, and "I've launched two successful SaaS businesses using Alpha's environment. Alpha Anywhere and the SaaS Framework allowed me to create apps easily, without hiring outside developers, and enabled me to focus on running and growing my businesses."

Apps created in Alpha Anywhere with the SaaS Framework can be hosted at the location of the developer's choice. Alpha Software offers hosting through its partnership with who manages the installation, setup and support on IBM/Softlayer servers around the world. Zebrahost has years of experience hosting applications built with Alpha Anywhere. It offers a very scalable hosting solution that can match the dynamic needs of a SaaS product, and can scale up and down as needed, therefore allowing for very low operating costs for the SaaS owner.

The SaaS Framework is an add-on to Alpha Anywhere that activates pre-written pages and code, including:

  • All Alpha Anywhere Features and Updates
  • User Authentication
  • Free Trial Status
  • Client Portals
  • Signup & Login Pages
  • Helpful information on Database Design and Component Design
  • Fully Scalable Architecture
  • Optional Training, Mentorship and Support by Alpha Anywhere SaaS Experts

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