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Sample Equipment Inspection App

While many organizations are rushing to develop field service apps, many initially fail because they do not include critical features necessary to make inspectors productive on mobile devices. This mobile inspection app showcases important mobile app features and an outstanding user experience now required in modern inspection apps. Developers can modify or reference this app for their own mobile app projects. 

Pumpjack Pro App Overview

Pumpjack Pro is a sample application for Alpha Anywhere designed for inspecting pumpjacks - those machines that look like bobbing horse heads above oil wells. The design is similar to a previously published sample application called Inspection Solutions. But, unlike Inspection Solutions, this one is designed for use on a mobile phone rather than a tablet.

This application was created using out-of-the-box Alpha Anywhere functionality with a minimum of custom JavaScript so it is easy to modify. Developers can make modifications to this equipment inspection app directly from within the Alpha Anywhere IDE.


  • Pass/fail buttons
  • Photo capture
  • GPS location capture
  • Indicator meters
  • A popup cheat sheet
  • A popup video
  • A signature capture control
  • Offline operation

Please note: No backend data structure is provided. You can connect it to the data source of your choice, or it can be used as a learning tool to see how the interface was built.

Pumpjack Pro App.png

Download on Git

All of the source code for the Pumpjack Pro sample application is available on the Alpha Software GitHub account. 
Download on Git 

Instructions for getting and installing an Alpha Anwyere project from GitHub can be found here.

Want Help Customizing Your App?

Pumpjack Pro was created using out-of-the-box Alpha Anywhere functionality and is easy to modify. If you like this app, but need assistance modifying it for your specific needs, the Alpha Software Consulting Services Group can help. 

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Included with an Alpha Anywhere Subscription

This application requires the latest version of Alpha AnywhereAll Alpha Anywhere subscribers have full access to Inspection Solutions for modification and deployment. Become a subscriber or renew your expired subscription to gain access. 

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