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Second Major Alpha Anywhere
Product Update Announced!

Over 30+ Significant New Features Added

Another major new update to Alpha Anywhere has been released! Following closely on the heels of our first update in August (which introduced over 30 new features) comes this significant update of another 30+ exciting new additions.

Below, we've highlighted just a few of the new features from this update, barely scratching the surface of what's been unleashed. To see a complete list of new features and functionality, along with video tutorials, screenshots, documentation, and more, please see the full release notes for this update.

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Responsive Layout Genie


Quickly and easily build Responsive Web Apps that run on a single codebase. Using the Responsive Layout Genie, your web and mobile apps will automatically adjust to the screen size, window size, and orientation differences of the various devices your users are accessing them from.

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AbsoluteLayout Container


Alpha Anywhere developers can now place controls at absolute positions on the screen using an astoundingly simple WYSIWYG drag-and-drop interface. Especially useful for creating complex forms using an image as the background.

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Absolute Positioning of Objects in Reports


After an extremely positive response to the pre-release of the AbsoluteLayout Container, we've added absolute positioning of objects in reports. Layout Table reports now offer the ability to use an image of a form as the report background and to then position the report fields directly over the 'fields' on the background image.

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Custom Styling: Radiobutton and Checkbox Controls


The standard way in which browsers render checkbox and radiobutton controls is pretty drab. Now, in Alpha Anywhere, the UX component allows you to apply a rich set of styling options to radiobutton and checkbox controls.

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Printing QR Codes


Layout Table Reports now support printing any cell in the Layout Table that contains a text value as a QR code. To print the contents of a cell as q QR code, simply check the 'Display QRCode for text in cell' property at the bottom of the 'Cell Contents' dialog box.

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Displaying QR Codes on a UX Component


A common requirement, especially in mobile applications, is to display data encoded as a QR code. Now, Alpha Anywhere makes it easy. QR codes can now be shown on a UX component using both client-side and server-side techniques.

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New Mobile Theme: Slate


"Slate," a gorgeous new stylesheet for mobile applications, is now ready for testing. Although not quite ready for official use (it doesn't yet contain classes for Grids or the Tabbed UI) we're releasing this to mobile developers for feedback. Let us know what you think!

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Xbasic Update: Working with XML Documents


Alpha's own server-side language Xbasic has always had a powerful XML parser, but the new *property_from_xml() function and the new XML document viewer make it ever easier to work with XML documents.

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Reports: Creating Custom Style Sheets


With this new release, it is now much easier to create custom style sheets for Layout Table Reports. Simply select 'New Style Sheet' from the Quick Report Genie and you're on your way.


Session Timeout Warning


In Alpha Anywhere, the UX component can now be configured to display a warning to the user that their session is about to expire.

Remember, this is brief overview of some of the 30+ new features added as part of this update. To see a complete list, please see the full release notes for this update.

See the full release notes →

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