Mobile Optimized Forms

Installation Guide

This document has important information for beta testers of the new Mobile Optimized Forms capabilities in Alpha Anywhere. The beta is open to Alpha Anywhere users with an active subscription. If your subscription has expired you will not be able to run the beta code.

Downloading the Latest Pre-release Build

In order to run the Tablet Forms feature you should download the latest pre-release build. The links are shown below:

The pre-release build is updated daily. It is important that you download the pre-release build frequently as the tablet forms features are evolving rapidly.

Note: You can have both the current official release build of Alpha Anywhere and the pre-release build installed at the same time. They will not interfere with each other. Simply install the pre-release build in its own folder.

Feature Keys

Once you have installed the pre-release build, you will need to add feature keys to turn on the Tablet Forms feature. To add feature keys, open Alpha Anywhere pre-release version, go to the Web Control Panel, select the Tools menu and then select the Feature Packs menu.

In order to receive your Feature Keys, you must first register for the beta by filling out this form. Please note: You must have a current Alpha Anywhere license to register.

If you have any questions, please send an email to or post them in the tablet beta message board.