Type in Your Fields. Get an Offline, Rich-Media, Multi-Table Enterprise Mobile Data Capture App. It's That Easy.

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Part 1: Build Your First App

In this video, you'll see how to login to your TransForm account at TransForm Central. You'll then see the basics of the TransForm interface, and then create your first mobile data collections application.


Part 2: View it on a Mobile Device

In Part 2, you'll open the TransForm App on your iOS or Android device. Once open, you'll see the data entry form you created in part 1. From there, you'll fill in the form and submit the data.


Part 3: Share It With Colleagues
& See Results

In Part 3, you'll return to TransForm Central to see the data you collected on your mobile device. Then you'll invite other users to your account and assign roles to them so that they can fill out new forms, 


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