Step 2: Create Web Sites for Each of Your Application Stages


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In this walkthrough, we assume that you have two stages, Development and Production. Therefore we will create two web sites - one for Development and one for Production.

To bring up the Manage Web Sites dialog, select Alpha Cloud, Advanced, Web Sites.


This will bring up the Manage Web Sites dialog. A default Web Site called Primary will be suggested.

Click in the new row and type in Development in the Web Site Name. Then click in the next new row and type in Production. Tab out of the field and then click the Apply Changes button.


Note: We will accept the defaults for all of the other columns. By default, your web site will be located in the default Amazon region for your subscription. You can select a different Geographic Region if you want. The default Tenancy is Public. This means that your web sites will be on servers that are shared with other users. If you prefer to have all of the web sites in your subscription on your own servers, you can change the Tenancy to Subscription. If you want your web site to be on its own servers (i.e. not on servers shared with other web sites in your subscription), you can choose Dedicated. There are higher costs associated with Subscription and Dedicated Tenancy.



When you are done, the Manage Web Sites dialog will look like this:



Notice that each web site has a unique Web Path. This is the address that you would enter into your browser's address bar to access the web site.

For your Production web site you will likely want to purchase a domain name (e.g. and use that instead of the name generated by Alpha Cloud. You would specify your custom Host Name in the Host Name column.


End of Step 2

When ready, jump to Step 3: Creating Deployments