Step 3 - Create a Development and Production Deployment


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In this step we will be creating deployments for each of our stages - Development and Production.


Start by selecting the Deployments menu option. If you are not logged into Alpha Cloud you will first need to supply your credentials.



When the Manage Deployments dialog opens up it will look like this (assuming you have not previously created any Deployments)



To get started, click on the Add Deployment button. That will bring up a dialog where you can define a new Deployment:


When you add a new Deployment you must:

  1. Select the Application for which you are adding a deployment
  2. Give the deployment a name
  3. Select the Web Site that this deployment will use.


Once you have added your Production and Development deployments, the Manage Deployments dialog will look like this:


In the first image the Development deployment is selected in the Name dropdown box. Notice that this deployment uses the Development Web Site and the URL for this web site is shown.



In this next image, the Production deployment is selected. Notice that this deployment uses the Production Web Site.




End of Step 3

When ready, jump to Step 4: Publish and Deploy Development Web Site