Step 4 - Create a Publishing Profile to Publish and Deploy to the Development Web Site

In this step we will publish our application and deploy it to the Development web site so that we can see the application running. At this point, the application will not yet be available on our Production web site.

NOTE We will be taking advantage of a option when you define a Publishing Profile to immediately deploy the application once it has been published.


Before we create our Publishing Profile, we need to specify what the default page is for our application. (The default page is the page that is shown if you don't explicitly specify a page name when you navigate in your browser to a web site.).

To specify the default page, click the Project Properties button on the Web Control Panel and select the Default page as shown below.




To create a new Publishing Profile, click the Profiles button on the Toolbar.




Then click the Add New Profile button.



Then select the type of profile you want to create. In this case, select Alpha Cloud.




This will bring up a dialog where you can define your Alpha Cloud publishing profile.




1. You will need to select the name of your Alpha Cloud application.

Notice that the Publish Settings dialog has a checkbox that allows you to Deploy immediately when published. This means that at the time we publish our web project to Alpha Cloud, it will also be deployed (so that we can run it). This is an optional step. In some cases you may want to publish to Alpha Cloud, but not deploy.

2. In this case we want to immediately see our application running on the development web site as soon as we publish it, so check the Deploy immediately when published option.

3. Click the OK button to save your Publish Settings



Give your Publishing Profile a Name and then click OK to close the


And then click the OK button to save your new Publishing Profile.



Now that you have created your Publishing Profile you are ready to publish your application. Back at the Web Control Panel, select the Alpha Cloud, Publish menu option.



This will bring up a dialog where you can select the Publishing Profile you wish to use.




Select the Publishing Profile you created and then click the OK button.

Alpha Anywhere will start publishing your application to Alpha Cloud and it will then display a progress dialog showing the various steps it goes through to deploy your application to the Development web site:




When all of the steps are complete, the Web Site Link will switch from disabled to enabled. You can click on this link to launch your browser and view your application running on the development web site.


Notice that the link does not specify a page name. Recall that in an earlier step we specified the default web page for this Application. So when you navigate to this link the default page will be opened.


End of Step 4

When ready, jump to Step 5: Deploy to Production Web Site