Step 6 - Publish New Version of App to Development Web Site


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At this point you know have your two web sites (development and production) up and running. Both web sites are currently running version 1 of your application.

Say you now want to do some more development on your application. You would like to publish it to your development web site, but you don't want to make any changes to your production web site yet.

Go to your Web Project and make some changes to your application. Once you are done, you are ready to publish and deploy to your development web site.

Recall that you already have a Publishing Profile (which you set up in step 4) to publish your web project and simultaneously deploy to the development web site. Select the Publish menu option.

Then select the Publishing profile you wish to use.



This will publish version 2 of your web project and will deploy it to your development web site. Once the deployment is completed you can click on the Web Site Link hyperlink to open your development web site where you will see the updated version of your application running.



End of Step 6 

When ready, jump to Step 7: Deploy the latest version of the application to the production web site