Step 7 - Deploy Latest Version of App to Production Web Site


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After you have tested version 2 of your web project running on your development web site, let's assume you want to deploy this version to your production web site. Version 2 of your application has already been published, so no need to publish it again. All we have to do is go to the Deployments dialog and schedule a new deployment for the production web site using version 2 of our application.

Select the Deployments command. When the Deployments dialog comes up, be sure to select the Production deployment in the Deployment, Name section.



Then click the Add to Schedule button to add a new scheduled deployment. Make sure you select version 2 in the Application Version column.



When you are happy with your settings, click the Apply Changes button, check the Show Cloud View on Close checkbox and then click the Close button.

Alpha Cloud will then start executing the steps to deploy version 2 of your application to your Production web site. Once the deployment is complete click on the Web Site Link hyperlink to open it in your browser.


End of Step 7 

When ready, jump to Step 8: Roll Back Production Web Site to Previous Version