Using 3rd Party Tool Navicat with your Alpha Cloud SQL Database

It is common for developers to maintain the SQL databases used in their Alpha Anywhere applications using 3rd party tools (such as Navicat, SQL Server Management Studio, pgAdmin, etc.)

In this video we show how you can connect Navicat to an Alpha Cloud MariaDB server.
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so in previous videos we showed how you

can set up a cloud sequel database and

how you can build the connection string

to work with that database in alpha

anywhere in this video we're going to

show how you can work with your cloud

database using the familiar tools that

you normally use to work with your

sequel database so for example in the

case of moriah DB we're going to use

navigate to connect and work with our

cloud database so we're going to go here

first of all and go over to actions and

the first thing we're going to do is

we're going to basically open the SSH

tunnel if it's not currently open you

can see how it already is open so then

we're gonna go here and say get SSH

tunnel details and I'm going to just

copy those to that report so this tells

me the information I'm going to need in

order to use navigate to connect to the

sequel database so I'm going to just go

and put this in a text file so that I

have access to it later on and now I'm

gonna go back to navigate over here so

let's go over yet you guys know the cat

and I'm gonna create a new connection so

I'll say new my sequel connection the

connection name I'll just call it cloud

moriah DB it's a localhost and then you

can see over here that when we copied

when we looked at our SSH details that

told that the port was 5-3 306 so we'll

go here and type in 5-3 306 the username

was root and I'm gonna just copy the

password that was shown in the SSH

details and paste that over there and

then go ahead there and test my

connection so there the connection has

been opened and so now we have a new

connection in in navigate there I double

click on that I can see in the Northwind

database here all of the tables that we

have if I go for example in

the customer table there's the data in

the customer table so we're working with

this cloud database right now in

navigate but we can only connect to this

cloud database while Elfi anywhere is

open and the SSH tunnel is open the

sooners would closed alpha anywhere down

the SSH tunnel is automatically closed

and we won't be able to use navigate

until we go back and reopen the SSH

tunnel so what we've shown over here is

how you can use your standard

development tools for working with your

cloud database in the case of variety be

that would be navigate in the case of

sequel server that would be sequel

server management studio in the case of

Postgres that would be whatever tool you

like to use for Posterous it could be

Navigant or PG admin etc thanks very

much for watching