Using Variables

You can use variables in your query parameters rather than using hard coded literal values.
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so in the previous video we showed how

you can execute graph QL queries to

return data for a particular customer

and you can see how we returned data for

the customer called bollard and then

also for the customer called elf key but

you can also use variables in your query

definition so let's go here and instead

of hard-coding bullet and elf key let's

use variable so we'll go over to the

query variable section and we'll define

our variables in a JSON format so we'll

go here and we'll say customer ID 1

which will make in to say bullet and

then the second argument that will

define will be customer id2 let's just

use the same syntax over there ID 2

which will make into elf key now that

we've defined our query variables over

here it's referencing them so we'll go

here and replace bollard with dollar

sign in lowercase sorry a dollar sign

customer ID 1 and then we'll just copy

that and we'll go here and we'll replace

elf key with dollar sign customer ID -

and then we'll execute the query and you

can see that we get the exact same

result so if we were to go here and

change this to and then run the query

you can see here we basically get the

data for bond up in the second query

result over there so you can use

arguments rather than hard coding

property values in your query definition

by using the dollar sign and then the

variable name syntax