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Alpha Anywhere V4 is now available

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Alpha Anywhere V4 introduces many features in the area of data access and integration, inlcuding support for OData, MongoDB, additonal Amazon S3 Integration, and access to web sockets. Support has also been added for SQLite (see the Offline Data and Synhcronization section for details).

OData database integration for mobile

OData Support

OData (Open Data Protocol) is a commonly used standard for consuming RESTful APIs and is now supported in Alpha Anyhwere.

WebSockets in web and mobile database apps

WebSockets Support

WebSockets allow you to build real-time application in which data can be pushed from a server directly to an application, without the need to to wait for a REST call from the client application. This is ideal for adding Chat to an application or for any case when immediate notification is desired.

MongoDB data storage


Alpha Anywhere now allows you to use the popular NoSQL database MongoDB as a data source. You can use it with the standard AlphaDAO object or you can call directly into the API.

SOAP Services for database developers

SOAP Service Genie

Alpha Anywhere now includes a new set of Genies to make it easier to call SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) services from your Xbasic code.

Other Data Access and Integration features:

  • IN clause is now supported in Portable SQL
  • ResultSet.ToCSVFile() xbasic method
  • ResultSet.ToStringFile() xbasic method
  • A5_sqlToJSONTree() xbasic function
  • ToJSONFile() xbasic method
  • List Control can now convert static data to SQL and vice-versa
  • The YELP API is supported in Xbasic
  • xml_from_json() xbasic function
  • File Upload data (including base64 encoded data) to Amazon S3 via Action JavaScript
  • A5_word_merge_dotNet() xbasic function
  • JSON data validating and reformatting tools.