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Alpha Anywhere V4 is now available

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Alpha Anywhere V4 builds on its strengths in the area of offline data storage and synchronization. New features include a client-side data cache, support for SQLite, and access to the device file system via Action JavaScript. There is also a new Synhcronization Log Table to make data synchronization more robust.

Offline Data Cache

Client-side Data Cache

The client-side data cache allows you to retrieve data from a server and store it on a local device. When the application is disconnected from the server (or the Internet), the data is still available for use in the application. You can choose to store the data in local storage or on the device’s file system.

Support for SQLite Offline Sync


Alpha Anywhere now includes extensive support for working with SQLite – a fast database that you can use offline. With SQLite you can load large amounts of data onto a mobile device, quick search it, add to it, or make edits regardless of whther the device is connected to the Internet.

Other Offline Data Storage and Synchronization features:

  • New Action JavaScript actions for accessing the device’s file system
  • Synchronization Log Table – makes it easier to handle situtations where data synchronization is interrupted, as as might happen if an Internet connection is lost during the process.
  • Batch synchronization – allows you to define batch sizes for synchronization to prevent time outs