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Alpha Anywhere V4 is now available

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Alpha Anywhere V4 extends the ability to utilize mobile hardware for storage, all possible via our PhoneGap Build integration. The biggest of these new features is the PhoneGap Shell, which is a UX component that can save substantial amounts of time during development and debugging.

PhoneGap Build mobile platform

PhoneGap Shell

The PhoneGap Shell is a predefined UX template that allows you to make changes to your application without the need to resubmit the project to PhoneGap build. This allows you to iterate much more quickly between tweaking an app and testing an app.

Other PhoneGap Build features:

  • Latest CLI versions of PhoneGap are now supported
  • Configuration settings can now be backed up into a config.xml file
  • The new NPN Plugin Registry is now supported
  • Added a Version Code Property for the Andoird APK
  • Allows you to include Pre-populated SQLite Database files
  • Support for the Android Crosswalk plugin allowing for better consistency across multiple devices