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Alpha Anywhere V4.0 was released on April 26, 2016 and we're not resting on our laurels. This page lists the updates that have come since the initial release of Alpha Anywhere V4.0. Subscribers can access these new features by downloading the latest build of Alpha Anywhere from the 'News and Updates' window within the product itself.

V4.1 · Released May 3, 2016

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SVG Icons

SVG Icons have many benefits over bitmap images and font icons. In this video we introduce you to SVG icons and show how they can be used in your components.

Push Notifications

A common feature in mobile applications is push notifications. In a PhoneGap application, this can be be done by utilizing the Pushwoosh plugin, which integrates the Pushwoosh service with Alpha Anywhere.

SparkPost Email Integration

You can now use an Xbasic helper function to send e-mail using the SparkPost service. This service is similar to the Mandrill service. You must first go to to get an API key. You will also be required to verify your ownership of you sending domain.

Search Highlighting

When you perform a server-side search to filter records in a List you can highlight the matching characters in each record. This makes it easy to see why the record was included in the search result.