Below find introductory videos about WatchBench as well as more information about the creators of the app and trademark information.


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Alpha Software

Alpha Software empowers a wide range of business application developers with innovative development and deployment products that offer significant productivity gains. It is the developer of Alpha AnywhereTM, a complete prototype-to-production environment to rapidly and cost-effectively develop and deploy enterprise-level, cross-platform business applications 5-10x faster than traditional approaches. For more information, see www.alphasoftware.com.

The WatchBenchTM app from Alpha Software was created by Dan Bricklin, Chief Technology Officer of Alpha Software. Dan is best known for co-creating VisiCalc, the pioneering spreadsheet program back in 1979, as well as Dan Bricklin's Demo Program in the mid-1980's. More recently, he is the author of the popular Note Taker HD app for the Apple iPad.

The user interface was designed by Adina Bricklin, who also worked on Note Taker HD and other iOS-app projects.

Why Did We Built It?

Here is what Dan had to say about why he built this app and made it available:

"Why did I build it?

I'm CTO of a company that makes products that helps other companies build mobile business applications. We need to understand all sorts of mobile devices, including wearables. I've been wearing a variety of them myself over the last many months, including a Pebble Steel, a Microsoft Band, and a FitBit One.

Apple Watch is an important addition to this space. (I was awake at 3am to order the two that I've been using for development -- a 38mm and a 42mm -- so that I'd get them as soon as possible. I now only wear Apple Watch.)

Being an experienced iOS developer, I built a prototyping tool for Apple Watch to learn about some of the different types of applications that fit this genre and see what businesses might want. Once we try things out and learn about this space, if it turns out that our customers need our systems to be able to build applications for it, we'll have a better understanding of what is needed and be familiar with developing for it.

At Alpha Software, we felt that it was worthwhile to share this tool with others. Our Alpha Anywhere development system is a "low code" system, meaning that the system usually lets you develop using powerful visual metaphors instead of coding directly, but you can also drop down to add your own code for customization, often in JavaScript. Assuming that the developers we are targeting know JavaScript, one of the most popular computer languages today, this app seemed to be appropriate for them."


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