Read information about the sample projects below. Download samples within the app in Help > Sample Projects.

Intro Sample

Try this sample first. It shows how to display some labels and a button that does something.

All Objects

This sample has all of the available interface objects shown, with some working buttons, sliders, and switches. It gives you an idea of the breadth of configurations you can create with WatchBench. You would almost always use just a small subset of these.

Here are all of the objects on the Root Page and Page 2, which are parts of this sample, most with default attributes:

The objects displayed by this project correspond to the objects listed in the Page Layouts help page, which describes them in further detail. The colors, text, etc., of most of these may be set by the developer. The same image (the "refresh.png" image) is used as an example image.

Orders Sample

Loads data from a server from a database query, demonstrating the ability to use external data. It also demonstrates the use of the project web app to set a value used by the watch JS.

This project is shown in the screenshots in the Apple App Store and this web site.

The data returned by the server request is in JSON form. It is an array of objects, one for each customer is a given country. The project JavaScript processes the data, showing a summary. Tapping a button displays a list of customers with details.

Download samples within the app in Help > Sample Projects.