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Mobilize Your MS Access Database

Create Mobile Apps That Connect to Your MS Access Data

MS Access is still in use at thousands of companies for data entry, to store data and as the main database file for key business needs. Unfortunately, with more workers needing remote access or working on mobile devices, MS Access isn't able to get the data to those users on iPhones, iPads or Android devices.

In Minutes You Can Build a Mobile App That Connects To Your Existing MS Access Database

Alpha TransForm's built-in REST API support allows you to build a mobile app in minutes and connect it to your existing Microsoft Access database. Perform:

  • Data Lookups
  • Information Capture
  • DB Updates
  • And More...

Alpha Anywhere turns your MS Access database into apps that can run on any mobile device.

Robust, Cross-Platform, Online or Offline Mobile Apps

  • Build rich database applications that work on web or mobile devices
  • Leverage the latest smartphone capabilities
  • Customize and securely integrates with existing systems of record, business processes and analytics
  • Full programmability for power users

Get A 30 Day Free Trial and you'll easily turn your MS Access desktop database into rich apps for mobile devices. 

See For Yourself!

"Alpha has improved our productivity, helped us accomplish much more work with fewer people, and let us build a system that will be able to work even when offline and out of reach of the Internet."

- Andrew Rachel, Database Manager, Rev1 Power Services