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For hundreds of thousands of MS Access developers the following question is on their minds: "I have a Microsoft Access app and need to take it to the web and mobile devices, what is going to be my fastest and most cost effective option?"
Alpha Anywhere is the product that Microsoft should have built—but didn't—for taking MS Access applications to the web and to mobile devices. While leaving your desktop applications in place, Alpha Anywhere lets you build secure, responsive HTML5 web and mobile applications that tie directly to your Microsoft Access data—applications that run smoothly on all browsers and mobile platforms from a single codebase.

Convert Your MS Access Data To Web & Mobile!

Ties in directly to your existing MS Access data.

You can leave your existing MS Access desktop application in place if you want to.

Microsoft Sharepoint is not required.

Creates applications that run smoothly on all browsers.

Creates applications that run smoothly on all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows).

Provides an easy method to upsize your MS Access data to MS SQL, MySQL, and other database backends if you want to.

No coding required. Just fill out property sheets to tell Alpha what to do.

No power limitations. Alpha gives you access to all underlying code so that power users and programmers can make any edits they want.

Scalable to thousands of users.

Reactions from Customers and the Press


DLaskowski.jpg I turned to Alpha Anywhere - it was a great fit and the closest thing I could find to Access for the Web." Dave Laskowski, President CTG3

Customer Headshots.jpg Our system used to be desktop only. Now we have a system that's desktop, Web, or mobile — it will be available on any device we need.” Andrew Rachel, Database Manager,  Rev1 Power Services

I was able to quickly and easily take applications that I had written using Microsoft Access, and turn them into mobile apps.Keith Erdman, Owner, FilePro Consulting

Alpha Anywhere makes it much easier to build responsive HTML5 applications once, and deploy them on any device with a native-like experience." -App Developer Magazine