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Alpha TransForm Features

no-wifi 1
Offline Capabilities
shortcut 1
IF / THEN / ELSE Commands
export-file 1
Review & Export or Analyze Data
power 1
Create powerful apps that run like Native Apps
cloud-storage 1
Collect, Store or Access Huge Amounts of Multimedia Data
notifications 1
Trigger Actions or Push Notifications
icons8-sync-480 1
Integrates With Your Existing Systems
Data Integrations

No-Code App Builder Use Cases

Convert Paper Forms to Mobile Apps 1
Faster, More Accurate Data Collection

Replace paper forms with mobile applications or web applications. You'll improve worker efficiency and accelerate data insights. 

TransForm-Incident-Reporting 1
Incident Reporting

Enabling instant reporting and comprehensive data collection, mobile incident reporting applications accelerate response times, resulting in prompt resolutions and the reduction of potential risks.

TransForm-Service-and-Inspections 1
Service Inspections

Our Service Inspection App can access offline available documentation, or place orders for needed parts to facilitate faster and more thorough service calls.

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Create Apps Without Coding

Apps in Minutes

Build custom apps with powerful mobile features in minutes.

  • Go no-code or low-code, depending on your skill
  • Quick Text technology speeds app dev
  • Learn TransForm in 30 minutes or less.

Offline Apps

Dependable apps that work with or without a WiFI or cell signal.

  • Capture large amounts of data when offline
  • Auto-sync data when signal returns
  • View large manuals and videos while offline.

Business Logic

Advanced features deliver more intelligent field apps to field workers.

  • Validate data before its entered into mobile forms
  • Trigger alerts or complex workflows
  • Perform complex calculations

Fully Integrated

Tie apps directly into your existing systems and data sources.

  • Make the data available immediately
  • Enable advanced data analysis and reporting
  • Keep data within your systems for security.

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