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you'll be able to manage your business more effectively

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Rich Data Collection

No code app template for incident reporting

Incident Reporting

Build no code apps for field service

Service and Inspections


Build No-Code Mobile Apps or Web Apps for Any Industry

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Build no code apps for healthcare
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The Alpha TransForm no-code app builder is the most powerful low-code platform for any large or small business in any industry.
Fully customize your apps to match your business process.

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5S Audit

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Site Visit

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The Best Software for Building No-Code Apps

Get all the power of a low-code app development platform combined with the ease of mobile form development software. Mobile apps built using Alpha TransForm development software are known for their robust offline operations with embedded business logic. Once deployed, these fully functional apps can be modified instantly without further software development or app rebuilds.

How the No Code App Builder Works

Collect Data with Mobile Devices

Collect new types of business data, including images, audio, barcodes, time/date/location stamping, and more.

Cross Platform apps for iOS and Android

Android? Apple? Tablet? Phone? We have any worker covered. Forms also automatically adapt based on screen size. 


user interfaceLarge buttons, numeric keyboards, swiping and one-tap timers speed one-handed data entry.


no code app builder for data collectionUse speech-to-text to automatically fill in fields or take notes. Record audio during field visits.


no code app for barcode scanningScan UPC, QR Codes to look up and capture information about the item you scanned from an online or on-device database.

no code app builder for capturing photos

no code app builder for currencyno code app builder with stopwatchno code app builder with weatherno code app builder with digital signatures

Capture HUGE amounts of data: images, currency, time and date, timer, and weather data. Let workers mark up photos with digital ink. 

No code apps with mapping

Automatically capture location information, and display locations on a map. Launch driving directors for drivers.

No code app builder for complex calculationsPerform complex calculations from right within the app to speed workers' ability to capture data or understand when data is outside of critical parameters.

security iconBuilt-in enterprise security, plus power users can add advanced security features.

Build Enterprise No-Code Mobile Apps

Don't just collect data. With the Alpha TransForm no-code development platform you'll build mobile apps that make workers more productive and leverage your existing data investments. The software will help you learn how to become a citizen developer.

Mobile applications built using Alpha TransForm development software are known for their robust offline operations with embedded business logic. Once you publish your apps, TransForm apps can be modified instantly without further development or app rebuilds. We provide all the building blocks you need to create apps with great user experiences.

Apps in Minutes

Build custom apps with powerful mobile features in minutes:.

  • Go no-code or low-code, depending on your skill
  • Quick Text technology speeds app dev
  • Learn TransForm in 30 minutes or less.

Offline Apps

Dependable apps that work with or without a WiFI or cell signal.

  • Capture large amounts of data when offline
  • Auto-sync data when signal returns
  • View large manuals and videos while offline.

Business Logic

Built-in features deliver more intelligent field apps to field workers.

  • Validate data before its entered into mobile forms
  • Trigger alerts or complex workflows
  • Perform complex calculations 

Fully Integrated

Tie apps directly into your existing systems and data sources.

  • Make the data available immediately
  • Enable advanced data analysis and reporting 
  • Keep data within your systems for security.

Integrates With Your Existing Systems

Leverage the data assets you've already invested in, power daily business activity and secure corporate and customer data. No coding skills are required.


TransForm Demo

See how quickly you can build mobile forms, improve data capture and speed data insights.

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Why Is No Code Application Building the Wave of the Future?

Those that have never seen a no code application development solution at work may have doubts about how apps can be built without any code at all. It's known as no code app building, and a no code app builder can help you, your team, your department or your organization create high quality apps without all that tedious programming. Better yet, no code app builders allow non-programmers to get involved via easy-to-use graphical user interfaces instead of the mountains of lines inherent in traditional application development.

This can have the added benefit of allowing those who understand how the app should work to have a shot at actually creating it. Rather than explaining it all to programmers that then have to interpret the instruction and implement it according to their business processes and workflows, no code app builders allow users to code apps without having prior knowledge and training in programming to do the work. 

How Can You Build No-Code Apps?

No code app developmentThe beauty of no code app builders is that non-programmers can build pixel perfect apps without coding experience or having to work with code at all. That can help future-proof your development by keeping everything easy to understand and work with, as well as reducing the complexity of competing development environments, deployment processes and that all-important testing. 

With no code app building, you'll get convenient tools that allow just about anyone to create and edit apps, all without knowing how to program. It all works because the no code mobile app builder creates all the relevant code underneath while the end user gets the convenience of a GUI and a drag and drop interface that negates the need to know code up front. Simply drag and drop elements into your application and the software does the rest!

How Can No Code Programming Help?

The best thing is that no code app builders aren't just for small, throwaway applications. In fact, no code app builders are being used in advanced development environments in leading industries across the world today, and the results have the same degree of high functionality that you would expect from the world's top companies.

no-code software

Even simple apps that merely store data can be created with no code development. Instead of overleveraging your company with off-the-shelf tools such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, a no code app builder can quickly get you up and running with a data entry tool that's customized to your precise need.

Forget about entering data into countless Excel sheets, only to be quickly forgotten later -- no code app building can help you quickly spin up a cloud-based app to quickly store and access data, providing precisely what's needed at a glance.

For more ways in which no code app builders can help you, check out our industry solutions, as well as a free license for our Alpha Transform product.

Why is Alpha Software the Best Codeless App Builder?

Alpha Software offers the best no-code app builder given its easy-to-learn and easy-to-use nature. While other platforms boast of these capabilities, their user-unfriendly infrastructure and unstable platforms can end up creating a negative end-user experience.

With Alpha Software, however, you gain a codeless app builder that enables you to do more with less software-building demand.

No-code app builder benefits you can anticipate include the ability to:

  • Analyze data in custom app creator no-code dashboards
  • Generate reports through codeless app builder
  • Export data to common formats
  • Easily handle forms of any complexity or length from simple purchase orders to multipart documents with the easiest no-code app builder
  • Barcode lookups and GPS capture
  • Audio, photo capture, signatures, and annotation
  • Flexible role-based permission system
  • Built-in workflows for automating business processes

This AlphaTransform functionality ensures that your team can build apps whenever, wherever. We’re committed to creating and optimizing a platform that works like you do, which is why we’re the best no-code app builder on the market. 

What to Look for in No-Code Builders?

As you assess no-code platform vendors for the best no-code app builder, you should look for a few key things.

Mobile Friendly 

If you have a mobile workforce, you need a no-code mobile app builder that is equally mobile. Ensure that your employees don’t have to go through any extra development steps for the app creator no-code to work on their mobile devices. 


Before selecting a no-code app builder, ensure that you have compiled a complete list of your employees' tasks and processes. If the platform can’t successfully execute those processes you’re likely not looking at a user-friendly app builder for your specific needs. 

Technical Support 

Does the codeless app builder you’re considering offer ongoing technical support? If they do, is it effective? Be sure to read consumer reviews to understand what technical support looks like beyond the initial promise. 

Simple and Scalable 

The goal of nearly every business is to grow. Does the app creator no-code platform you’re considering have the ability to evolve with your needs as your transition from a small to a medium business or from a medium to a large one? Ideally, you’ll find the best co-code app builder that grows alongside you. 

How Do You Compare No-Code Platforms?

As your search for the best no-code app builder for your application developers, there are a few key resources you can use to compare those on the market.


Demos are free and easy, allowing you to see the platform in action. When you opt to demo a low-code solution, you see the product in real time, while also comparing functionality to that of its competitors. 

Software Review Sites 

Software review sites like G2 can go a long way in helping you find the easiest no-code app builder. Brimming with customer reviews and testimonials, you can compare products and read FAQs.

Social Media Reviews

While software review sites can offer excellent insight, so can the unregulated world of internet forums. You can search social media websites like Twitter for reviews or other platforms. Either way, you can gain a different perspective from the review on sites like G2.

80% Productivity Increase

GBS Enterprises replaced its paper warranty process with a mobile field app and increased the productivity of its field team by 80%.

Significant # of Hours Saved

Building Engineering Company built a mobile app that saved each inspector 15 hours per week doing home energy inspections.

Sophisticated Capabilities to Manage and Analyze Your Data in Real Time

Not all drag and drop app creators are equal. With our robust mobile app development environment, you'll realize more worker productivity, faster data insights, better customer service, and reduced risk.

  • Create powerful apps that run like Native Apps
  • Built-in Enterprise Security 
  • Offline apps out of the box
  • Efficiently work with HUGE forms even on a small screen: 
  • Collect, Store or Access Huge Amounts of Multimedia Data 
  • Error Checking and Data Validation 
  • Easily Publish to the Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store
  • Review and Export or Analyze Data 
  • Trigger Actions or Push Notifications
  • IF / THEN / ELSE Commands
  • Launch Online Driving Directions
  • Built-in Zapier Integration 

We'll help you succeed.

Alpha Software is different. We offer all the training tools you need to succeed. If you run into a problem our team is here to help. For example, if you're building a mobile form and get stuck, simply snap a picture of your form and we'll digitize your mobile form for you.