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Alpha TransForm:
The Most Advanced No-Code App Builder for Business Users and Developers

Start Building Apps for as Little as $30/month

Alpha Cloud
  • Free Tier Start Now!
  • 3 Users & 35 Forms per Month
  • Smart Phone, Tablet, Web Browser, iOS & Android
  • Offline Data Collection
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Robust Integrated Workflow
  • Full API for integration of Other Systems
  • $30 Per User Per MonthStart Now!
  • Per User Pricing
  • Smart Phone, Tablet, Web Browser, iOS & Android
  • Offline Data Collection
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Robust Integrated Workflow
  • Full API for integration of Other Systems
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Volume PricingContact For Details!
  • All Features of the Business Option
  • Flexible Usage Based Pricing
  • Additional Onboarding Service Options
  • On-site Deployment
  • Setup and Update Support

Volume pricing for the Alpha TransForm app maker is as low as $5.95 per month.
Site License, Partner, and Transaction-based Pricing are also available.
Contact Us for further information about pricing. 

Alpha Anywhere:
The Most Flexible Low-Code Development Platform for Developers

Start Developing Your Apps for FREE with Alpha Anywhere Community Edition

Alpha Anywhere Community Edition
  • FreeDownload Now!
  • Web and Mobile Development
  • Connect to Any Data Source
  • Create and Consume Web Services
  • Full-Stack Development
  • Patented Robust Offline Support
  • Develop Unlimited Number of Apps
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • $99/monthSign Up Now!
  • Ideal to Develop, Test & Light Use
  • 100 Compute Units / month
  • 5 Concurrent Deployments
  • 5 GB In/ 5 GB Out Data Transfer
  • Load Balancing & Scaling
  • Failover & Roll-Backs
  • Automated deployment
  • $399/monthSign Up Now!
  • Ideal for Small Production Applications
  • 500 Compute Units / month
  • 10 Concurrent Deployments
  • 25 GB In/ 25 GB Out Data Transfer
  • Load Balancing & Scaling
  • Failover & Roll-Backs
  • Automated Deployment
  • $750/monthSign Up Now!
  • Ideal for Production Applications
  • 1000 Compute Units / month
  • 20 Concurrent Deployments
  • 50 GB In/ 50 GB Out Data Transfer
  • Load Balancing & Scaling
  • Failover & Roll-Backs
  • Automated Deployment

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Alpha Anywhere Licensing & Pricing

To build and deploy mobile and web solutions using Alpha Anywhere requires both a “Developer” and an appropriately featured “Application Server” or “Advanced Application Server” license.

The Alpha Anywhere “Application Server” is licensed for applications that use a direct connection to a SQL or noSQL database server for data storage and retrieval only.

The Alpha Anywhere “Advanced Application Server” and “Advanced Application Server for IIS” are licensed for applications that require integration with Web Services or other 3rd party systems via API calls including RESTful services, SOAP and OData, SQL Reporting Services, in addition to direct database connections. Alpha Anywhere “Application Server” and the “Advanced Application Server” are licensed on a Per Server / Per Year license fee basis. The Alpha Anywhere “Developer Edition” provides the development environment and tools to create custom web and mobile applications. The Developer Edition is licensed for use on a per developer / per year basis.

With Alpha Anywhere Developer Edition, Application Server, and Advanced Application Server, you are licensed to create and deploy an unlimited number of Applications.

The Alpha Anywhere Application Server and Advanced Application Servers are licensed on a per CPU basis. Your Alpha Anywhere CPU License must be equal to or greater than the number of CPUs on your server.

Please contact Alpha Sales directly to learn about:  Enterprise License options I SI Partner Program I OEM & White Label Licensing options

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for the Alpha Anywhere Developer and the Server?

Alpha Anywhere app maker system requirements for both the Developer and the Server are:

  • OS: Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 or newer
  • RAM: 2 GB (minimum) 4 GB (recommended)
  • Disk Space: 200 MB
Need more detailed technical specifications?

How many apps can I build with an Alpha Anywhere license? Is there a limit?

Unlike most other low code development tools, Alpha Anywhere has no application limit.  You can build custom unlimited applications and write code to help you achieve your goals.

Can Alpha Anywhere only be run on a PC?

Alpha Anywhere is a Windows application,

Alpha Anywhere can build mobile apps 3 ways:

  • On a PC natively;
  • On a Mac running Windows under Parallels (disable the prl_cc process in task manager for best results);
  • Remotely on any machine with a Remote Desktop client by connecting to a Windows machine.

How can I get Alpha Anywhere to run on my Mac?

Alpha Anywhere is a Windows application,  You can install Alpha Anywhere on a PC and then connect to that PC using remote Desktop, or you can install Windows on your Mac using Parallels or virtualization software. Both methods have been tested and perform well. For best results with Parallels, open the Windows Task Manager and stop the prl_cc process from running. This process sometimes misbehaves and makes Windows run slowly.

Can a professional developer license be shared?

No. Alpha Software Developer licenses are issued to an individual, and sharing them is a violation of the software licensing agreement.  The license has a feature where it will not run if two instances are activated simultaneously.  However, a developer may install their Alpha Anywhere Developer license on two different machines as long as they are not used concurrently.

How can I learn more about Alpha Cloud?

Alpha Cloud offers fast, scalable, no-hassle cloud-based deployment.  View the full list of features  and the benefits of Alpha Cloud over traditional hosting.