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How to Build Apps for Free

Create Free Android Apps and iPhone Apps

Learn app building, app design, and app publishing with a free license of the leading low-code application development platform. Unlike drag-and-drop app builders like Appy Pie, you can create an unlimited number of apps with outstanding user experiences. There's no credit card required.  

    • Utilize an award-winning app creator
    • Produce cross-platform apps for both iOS and Android devices and operating systems
    • Develop an unlimited number of apps at your own pace

Learn to Build Mobile Apps with Free Training Materials

Alpha Anywhere Community Edition includes access to the lessons and guides needed to learn how to build mobile apps.

    • Documentation and instructional videos
    • Free app templates
    • Active community of more than 17,000 users
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Alpha Anywhere Community Edition App Builder

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Create Apps for Free with the Best iOS & Android App Builder.

Build Web & Mobile Apps
Build Web & Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone

Your apps will work flawlessly on laptops and  any Android or iPhone smartphone or tablet
Low Code and No Code
Speed Development with Low-Code and No-Code

This mobile apps builder does routine coding for you so you develop apps faster.
Offline Apps
Build Offline Apps 

Built-in capabilities help you craft all types of apps that work with or without a connection.
Integrate your apps
Integrate Your Apps with Existing Systems

Connect to corporate databases and systems that you use every day.
Full-stack app development
Develop Both the Front-End &
Back-End of Apps

Leverage mobile device storage for outstanding app performance.
Secure apps
Craft Trusted, Scalable, & Secure Apps for Business

Built-in tools ensure that your apps are secure, reliable and ready to scale

Create all types of mobile apps

Fast App Creation: This Farm to Table eCommerce App was built, styled, and published in just a few hours.

Fast, Easy and Powerful DIY App Builder

Learn how to create apps with outstanding user interfaces that run like native apps on any mobile device. You can use sophisticated, user-friendly apps to power your everyday business tasks. 

Your license includes product documentation and a searchable library of "how-to" videos to learn at your own pace. Instructions walk you through building and styling your app and adding the latest mobile features.

Download Alpha Anywhere Community Edition for free. We'll show you just how easily you can start building mobile apps that appeal to your target audience.

Why Build with a Low-Code App Builder?

Digital evolution requires businesses develop sophisticated mobile applications at
an unprecedented speed. Unfortunately, native app development is too expensive and
too lengthy. Low-code app builders, like Alpha Anywhere, let more people create
mobile apps without hiring experienced mobile developers. 

"By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity." - Gartner

Bring Your App Ideas to Life

Award-Winning App Development Software

Alpha Anywhere is the ideal app builder for:

  • experienced developers who code but want to save time on successful app development
  • users who want to build apps without coding.

Alpha Anywhere Community Edition gets you free access to the mobile app development platform awarded InfoWorld Technology of the Year.

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See an overview of the Alpha Anywhere app building platform and the app ideas it can bring to life. Apps perform like native mobile apps.

Benefits of Using Alpha's Free Mobile App Builder

  • Faster App Development of Hybrid Apps

Delivers high performance and highly secure enterprise apps faster than any other low-code development platform.

  • Intelligent Offline App Capabilities

Produces offline apps that perform flawlessly when users don't have a connection. 

  • Advanced security

Has a built-in security framework with the tools and methods needed to protect apps once they are deployed.

  • Cloud-Based App Hosting Solution

Offers affordable cloud hosting for small businesses. Brings solutions to app stores, like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Expert Instruction Helps You Learn to Build Mobile Apps

Alpha Anywhere Community Edition's educational resources help all types of users. Professional developers will learn advanced skills, and first-time developers will learn to build apps without coding:

  • A 1-hour video to learn step-by-step how to create an app for free without learning programming languages.
  • A training library of over 1,000 "how-to" videos teaches advanced development techniques. Learn to create an app from scratch, gather user feedback, rollout app launches and speed the app development process.
Learn to build mobile apps
Get personalized instruction on building mobile apps

Once you're done, simply submit your app and pick the Alpha Cloud deployment plan that's right for you.

Prefer to get more personalized assistance? Our community of experienced developers can offer help as you build mobile apps with Alpha Anywhere Community Edition.

Frequently Asked Questions About the App Builder

What is the best free app maker for creating Android apps and iPhone Apps? 

There are many free app makers, like appy pie, on the market today, but Alpha Anywhere Community Edition is different. You get the full capabilities of a trusted app development platform to build apps for both mobile platforms. When you build a new Android app, you're also building a great iPhone app using a single code base.

Why is Alpha Anywhere Community Edition the Best Free App Builder of 2022?

Customers love the product and training materials that teach them how to make an app for free. They consistently give it top scores on product review websites like Capterra, TrustPilot, and Gartner Peer Insights.  

Experts agree that it's incredible at creating mobile apps. Forrester, Gartner and InfoWorld touted the software's outstanding offline apps.

Can I get app building software without a credit card?

Yes. Prototype, test, and build powerful web and mobile applications at no cost, with no obligation and without a credit card. When it’s time to deploy your application, Alpha Cloud plans start at just $99 per month. (Plans include hosting, Alpha Anywhere Server licensing, redundancy, monitoring, dev-op tools and much more. Build multiple apps.) 

Why is this app builder free?

We believe companies need more mobile apps than ever before. We know developers don't have time to wait for corporate budget approvals to start developing them. Entrepreneurs also want to build a prototype of their SaaS app without having to make an up-front investment. As a result, we've released this app maker for free.

Can beginners create apps for smartphones and tablets?

Yes. Anyone can learn to build apps for iOS and Android devices with Alpha Software. Our tutorial will teach you to build an app in minutes. We also offer how-to videos to help you master advanced app development techniques. You'll learn to connect apps to social media, monetize your app, and more.

Can I build an app without coding?

You do not need to know how to code to use Alpha Anywhere Community Edition. Product documentation and instructional videos teach you to develop business apps in real time. We also offer a separate no-code app builder - no coding skills required.  

Does this app builder have strong security?

Yes. When you build apps, sensitive business information is being accessed by users from a wide variety of devices. Alpha Anywhere provides built-in tools that easily secure your sensitive data. 

Does this app maker build Progressive Web Apps?

Gartner predicts that Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) will have replaced 50% of mobile apps by the end of 2020. Your app builder must be able to handle PWAs, and with its web app development capabilities, Alpha Anywhere checks the box.

How can I start building my own app for Android devices or iPhones?

Use these  easy steps to get started building your own mobile apps with Alpha Anywhere Community Edition: 

    • Click! on the form and enter your contact info 
    • Follow the tutorial to build your app
    • Add custom app design using the guides
    • Test your app on your mobile phone(s) or tablet(s)

Once you've tested your app, simply choose the Alpha Cloud plan that is the best fit. We'll host your app, do the software updates for you and ensure your app auto-scales as needed. You can update or improve your app at will.

Gartner top app maker

Top app maker on Gartner Peer Insights.

InfoWorld great app builder

Alpha aces offline apps.

Capterra top app builder

5-Star app creator on Capterra.

Would you prefer not to write code? Our no-code app builder is perfect for people without coding skills or who can't afford to hire development companies. There is no coding required - you can build business apps without writing a single line of code.