Alpha Anywhere:
Ideal for Building Mobile and Web SaaS Applications

Why Developers are Turning to Alpha Anywhere to Build their SaaS Apps

  • Richness of the platform for rapid and agile mobile and web development
  • Speed & cost in terms of time of initial development & subsequent enhancements
  • Licensing model designed specifically for SaaS developers
  • Resulting SaaS apps can be hosted anywhere, including on Alpha Cloud (Alpha Cloud takes care of scaling, redundancy and overall reliability so developers can focus on building their SaaS app, not baby-sitting the deployment)

    A sophisticated and Secure SaaS health
    care app built rapidly in Alpha Anywhere
              (more examples below)

Examples of SaaS Apps Built with Alpha Anywhere

Live SaaS Apps:

  • Alpha Tracker - asbestos surveying SaaS app for asbestos surveying
  • BizWerks - Saas app for small business productivity and job management
  • GlassPlanner - SaaS app for management of operations for glass installation companies

Think Alpha Anywhere could be a fit for Your SaaS App?

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