Alpha Launch

Streamline Mobile App Testing and Deployment with Alpha Launch

We've built a platform for mobile app testing and deployment so you don't have to go through the complex process of provisioning profiles and submitting applications for review to public app stores.  The Alpha Launch app from Alpha Software® lets you download, manage, and run apps created with the Alpha Anywhere development system. Alpha Anywhere apps use HTML5 technology and can access native functionality using Cordova/PhoneGap.

Apps deployed to Alpha Launch are PhoneGap apps with full access to the device including the camera, file system, SQLite, audio and video recorder, bar code scanning, GPS etc. However, unlike PhoneGap apps, Alpha Anywhere applications can be published directly to Alpha Launch without submitting them to PhoneGap Build -- so not only do you bypass the App store, you also bypass the whole PhoneGap build process.

Alpha Launch is included at no extra charge with Alpha Anywhere.

In addition, the Alpha offers professional services to customize the application’s branding, plugins, and login functionality. Please fill in this form for more information on both the free and paid options.

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Benefits of Alpha Launch

  • No App Store Required: Deploy to iOS or Android without waiting for app store approval. Alpha Launch applications are downloaded and installed directly from within Alpha Launch.
  • Publish Direct from Alpha Anywhere: Alpha Launch applications are published to and installed from the Alpha Anywhere Application Server without the need for a PhoneGap Build account.
  • Full Device Access: Alpha Launch apps are PhoneGap apps with access to the camera, file system, SQLite, audio and video reorder, bar code scanner, GPS, and more.
  • Deploy Updates in Minutes Instead of Days: Because Alpha Launch apps are installed directly from within Alpha Launch, updates can be deployed and received in a matter of minutes.
  • Test Apps Directly on Device: Create a testing environment for your Alpha Launch applications is as simple as deploying your apps to the Development Server and installing them over the local network.
  • Powerful Tech Support Features: Leverage special features in Alpha Launch to diagnose issues during testing.

Customizing Alpha Launch

Alpha Launch can be customized through our services group to add custom product branding or features not available in Alpha Launch, including:

  • Custom Branding: Integrate your company's logo and colors into the interface.
  • Plugins: Specify the set of PhoneGap plugins that should be included.
  • App Server Lockdown: Restrict where users can install applications to a finite set of servers.
  • Deployed to App Store of Your Choice: Public or private, we'll handle publishing your custom Alpha Launch app to the app store(s) of your choice.
  • Other Enhancements: Add user authentication, restrict access to debugging features, make modifications to the UI, and more. Your custom Alpha Launch App is built to your specifications.

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