The Only Low-Code Software with Distinct "No-Code" and "Low-Code" Development Environments 

Developers can use the Alpha Anywhere low-code environment to develop and deploy web or mobile business apps from scratch. Apps can leverage the latest mobile features, integrate with existing systems of record and workflows, and include additional security authentication to protect corporate data. Business users without development experience can use Alpha TransForm® no-code software to turn complex paper forms into powerful mobile forms that speed data collection.

While other solutions claim to produce sophisticated offline apps, only Alpha Software delivers true enterprise offline apps.

Mobile App Development Software | Alpha Software
Alpha Anywhere is a complete front- and back-end, low code app development platform for the development, distribution & deployment of mobile and web apps. 
With unique "coding-optional" technology, Alpha Anywhere aids new users, while ensuring that developers achieve high productivity
without sacrificing flexibility or control. 

Video: An example of an app that can be built rapidly in Alpha Anywhere.

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Alpha Software – The Ultimate Low Code App Development Platform

Looking for an easy, versatile, and most efficient low code app development platform? Whether you want to design and develop an extremely basic or very complex mobile application, Alpha Anywhere is one of the best low code development platforms available out there. It’s a complete front and back-end tool that can provide an extraordinary application development, distribution, and deployment experience.

In addition, you can incorporate advanced functionalities like security and authentication protocols and integration with existing data systems to make it suitable for corporate companies who look for stringent data protection measures.

The best part is that your non-technical staff can also leverage this low code mobile development platform to visually transform a plain form into a mobile app with a super-rich interface using the capabilities of the smartphone. Then, either let the underlying system write the code for your application or invite your developers to enter the scene towards the end and add advanced functionality using Alpha TransForm’s programming language - all without compromising on flexibility or control.

This approach would allow you to use the best minds on both your business as well as technical sides to create the most innovative and intuitive mobile app with not only all the bells and whistles but also the safest and most secure protocols.

And you will have achieved all this in less than half the time and using just a small fraction of the resources it normally takes to create an app without the Alpha Anywhere mobile app development platform!

How Does Alpha Anywhere Speed Mobile App Development?

Low Code Mobile App Development

Low code mobile app development means that the system is designed to build apps in significantly less time than traditional coding. The advantages of low code are obvious: instead of writing and debugging line after line of code to create your application, you instead build your application visually, and let the underlying system write the code for you.

The designers of the Alpha Anywhere app maker try to anticipate every requirement your mobile business apps may need and create the code for you. But sometimes, you may have a requirement the designers didn’t anticipate and in those cases Alpha Anywhere allows you to drill down and add your own code.

Front-end and Back-end

While most other mobile app development software addresses either the front-end OR the back-end, Alpha Anywhere combines all required client AND server development features. With Alpha Anywhere, the client is aware of the back-end and vice versa; they work in unison.

Enterprise-level reporting, geo-location/mapping tools, charting, scheduling, media handling (including offloading options to the cloud), Action JavaScript, Curl and .NET support, portable SQL, and responsive design are all built-in, easily added to your apps on the fly. Plus, you'll find sophisticated, native-like quick start mobile templates right out of the box!

How to Create Mobile Apps the Alpha Way: Low Code Features

Data Integration

At the heart of every business application is its data, and robust, secure data connectivity is essential. Connect to all SQL and no-SQL databases and leverage REST services.

Authentication, authorization, encryption and device management give you enterprise-class data protection and complete administrative control.

Create hybrid apps with HTML5 and Phonegap Build. Cross platform development allows you to create iOS apps, Android apps, Windows apps and standard mobile web apps all from a single code base.

Tightly integrated analytics & charting features make it east to build business intelligence dashboards for your users.

Mobile business applications aren't truly mobile if they can't work offline. Flexible conflict resolution, large storage capacity, fine-grained control of write conflicts, data persistence... View PDF

Designed for accurate, fast and efficient capture of rich data by the 2.5 billion people worldwide who work standing up or moving about.

Alpha Anywhere does the "heavy lifting" for you when it comes to mapping, geography, and geographic information systems (GIS).

Easily add powerful drag-and-drop scheduling to your cross platform desktop, web and mobile applications.

Easily add a beautiful and intuitive interface for displaying pictures to your desktop, web and mobile applications.

Best Low-Code Development Platforms | Alpha Software

The Fastest Path to Web and Mobile Apps

  • Alpha Anywhere is standards-based - so developers will be able to be proficient and comfortable with the software faster than with competing platforms.
  • After applications are built, they have to be deployed. Alpha apps can be deployed in house or the Alpha Cloud represents the most automated cloud for no-hassle scale-able global deployment 
  • Alpha Anywhere has the unique capability to rapidly create offline capable, mobile-optimized forms and business apps that can easily access and integrate with existing databases and web services, and can exploit built-in role-based security.

The Alpha Anywhere low-code platform increases developer productivity by 5 to 10 times. The software produces business apps that securely interface with systems of record, trigger workflows, and work with or without a WiFi or cell connection.

Alpha Anywhere meets critical enterprise app development and deployment requirements:

  • Produce cross-platform web and mobile-optimized apps with built-in mobile capabilities
  • Empower a wide range of employees with "coding-optional" app development
  • Integrate with systems of record, web services and corporate databases easily
  • Deliver web apps and “pixel perfect” offline mobile apps – with intelligent synchronization
  • Integrate with existing back-end databases or applications through an extensive REST API
  • Scale and host apps in house, at any hosting company or in the fully automated Alpha Cloud
  • Distribute mobile apps to devices instantly, bypassing the app stores, with Alpha Launch

Interested in a deep-dive?
This video profiles low-code features of Alpha Anywhere.


"Alpha Anywhere is a force multiplier. It lets your development team produce modern business apps much faster than they could otherwise, and deliver much more value to the enterprise."

- Tim Bochard, VP of IT, Glacier Water

"Every week Alpha comes out with something new that can help us. They are constantly innovating."

- Karen Snyder, CIO, American Pool


"The mentoring provided by Alpha is excellent. It’s not only about getting to know the platform better, but about getting real things done in the best and fastest way."

- Luan Juapi, Global IT & GIS Desk Officer, The Halo Trust

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