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Cross Platform Mobile Development

Cross-Platform Mobile Development Makes Building Apps that Run on Any Smartphone or Tablet Easy

The Importance of Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Building native mobile apps for multiple mobile devices and operating systems can double or triple the amount of resources and time necessary to develop business apps. With new devices launching rapidly, and a myriad of screen sizes and form factors, and the BYOB phenomenon, developing separate native apps for every business process is now viewed as a losing proposition.

Now, business application developers are turning to cross-platform mobile development to mobilize their organizations.

Survey shows developers are moving to cross-platform mobile app development.

What is Cross-Platform Mobile Development?

Cross-platform mobile development is the creation of apps that are compatible with multiple mobile operating systemsHybrid mobile app development is one approach to cross-platform development.  With hybrid development, developers write an HTML5 or JavaScript mobile app and then place a native device wrapper, such as PhoneGap, around it.

One approach that many companies are adopting is rapid mobile app development (RMAD). These are low-code development tools that quickly build business apps using a single code base, and puts apps in native device wrappers for the developer. These apps run on mobile devices fo all types. Alpha Anywhere is a leading rapid mobile app development platform with built-in features -- such as data integration, GPS, rich media capture and offline capability -- that business application developers require.

The Rising Popularity of Rapid App Development for Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Example: Cross-Platform Mobile App

Construction Equipment Inspection App.pngThe Inspection Solutions app is an example of a cross-platform mobile app. You can view a description and screeenshots of this cross-platform app, as well as a video tour, here.

Making Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Easier

Alpha Anywhere is an award winning cross-platform rapid mobile application development software that makes cross-platform mobile apps a reality for a wide range of application developers - even those without mobile experience. The software lets developers build HTML5 cross-platform applications that utilize a single code base to power optimized experiences on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Alpha Anywhere has many built-in mobile app capablities, so it enables developers with or without mobile development experience to rapidly create robust mobile apps in significantly less time than with competing methods. 

Alpha Anywhere allows you to quickly build and deploy mobile and web applications for both mobile devices and PCs. The Alpha Anywhere cross platform application development environment has won awards from various publications such as InfWorld, CRN, PC User, PC Magazine, CITEworld, NetworkWorld, and more. Alpha Software is a highly regarded organization with a primary focus on rendering quality mobile development services of all kinds. Alpha Software is focused on creating products that enables developers of all skill levels to build unassailable, highly secure applications that run like native applications on both personal computers and mobile devices. Alpha Software has a strong customer base of over 3,000 companies, and a reputation as a developer-friendly platform.

With Alpha Anywhere, you will find a complete and cost effective mobile development and deployment platform. Once you build your app with Alpha Anywhere, Alpha Cloud enables one-click deployment for your apps, enabling you to keep your business applications safe and secure while speeding them to end-users's mobile devices. In addition, Alpha Software offers a range of mentoring, training and professional services to help you speed and scale cross-platform mobile app development at your organization. 

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