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What is Cross Platform Mobile App Development?

Cross platform development is the creation of mobile apps or web apps that are compatible with multiple mobile operating systems, including iOS and Android devices. This development approach eliminates many of the traditional challenges with mobile app development. For example, creating native apps separately for different mobile operating systems and device sizes can triple the development time and resources needed to build apps with outstanding user interfaces.

The BYOD phenomenon plus the fact that new smartphones and tablets of varying screen sizes launch continually make native development a losing proposition for most B2B mobile app development.

Survey indicates developers are adopting cross-platform mobile app development.

Native Apps vs Cross-Platform Apps (Hybrid Apps)

  • Native mobile apps are written with specific platforms and devices in mind. While these can be preferred for complex B2C apps, they generally take longer to develop, are more expensive to create, and require experienced developers with knowledge of various coding languages. As a result, they are not ideal for internal business applications. 

    Cross platform hybrid apps are a common choice for building enterprise apps as they often leverage Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD). These are low-code development tools that quickly build business apps using a single code base, and puts apps in native device wrappers for the developer. These apps run on mobile devices of all types.

If you’re a business enterprise who would like more information on how to develop cross platform mobile apps with ease, consider using Alpha Software’s Alpha Anywhere. It’s a leading cross platform mobile app development platform with built-in features -- such as data integration, GPS, rich media capture and offline capability -- that business application developers require and benefit immensely from.

The Rising Popularity of Rapid App Development for Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Why Choose Cross Platform Mobile App Development?

Cross platform mobile app development is highly advantageous for several reasons, key among which is that it can be used across multiple platforms. In essence, it means that once-written code can be deployed across all platforms, be it Windows, iOS, or Android.

Time and Cost Efficiencies

The demand for mobile phones has led to a spurt of different types of mobile phones, with different interfaces and programming languages and an even increasing number of mobile applications. Given the exploding market for both mobile phones and applications, developing mobile applications can take a considerable amount of time and money, particularly in case of applications that run only on a single platform.

Therefore, to minimize both developing effort and costs, it makes sense to opt for cross platform mobile application development that helps developers reuse the same code across diverse platforms. Besides reducing effort, it also eliminates the need to invest in multiple tools and technologies. Cost and time efficiencies are both key benefits offered by cross platform mobile development, which helps explain its exploding popularity.


The uniformity of the app in terms of its user interface, appearance, and other aspects is maintained on all platforms since the same code is reused. It’s especially convenient and easy for customers who use more than one device to access an application if it features the same usability, display, and other features, no matter what platform they’re on.

Moreover, cross platform mobile app development helps app developing companies acquire a wider customer base by targeting users with multiple types of devices.

Selecting a Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tool

There are many solutions for building cross-platform mobile apps that will work on any device. When evaluating cross-platform mobile development tools, organizations should ensure the solution they select has the following features:

  • Touchscreen capability leverages touch screens while remaining compatible with devices without touch screens.
  • Functionality across multiple platforms and devices - app adapts seamlessly across operating systems, devices, and screen sizes with outstanding user experiences
  • Write once, run anywhere functionality
  • Sufficient product training, product support and a healthy user community
  • Built-in features and pre-built mobile app templates to speed success
  • Ability to build offline apps that can run without a connection

Benefits of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

  • Flexibility across devices, languages, and frameworks
  • Faster development when using a single codebase
  • Lower coding, mobile development experience required
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for business apps

Example: Cross-Platform Mobile App

Cross-Platform Mobile App Example | Alpha Software


This home inspection app is an example of a cross-platform mobile app that works on virtually any smartphone or tablet.

Build Native Like Apps with Cross-Platform App Development

Alpha Anywhere allows you to quickly build and deploy mobile and web applications for any mobility platform. These highly secure applications run like native applications on both personal computers and mobile devices. Built-in capabilities allow developers with or without mobile app development experience to rapidly create cross-platform apps. Using the built-in programming language, developers can also deploy their apps to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

With Alpha Anywhere, you will find a complete and affordable mobile development and deployment platform. Alpha Cloud enables one-click deployment, keeping your cross-platform mobile apps safe and secure while speeding them to end-users. 

Alpha Software offers mentoring and training options to help you become proficient and building, testing and deploying mobile apps. Have a challenge or deadline you can't meet alone? Our professional services team can quickly scale your cross-platform mobile development team.

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