Why Manufacturers Choose Alpha

Your manufacturing processes, data, and systems are all considered when we craft custom solutions for your unique data collection, analysis or workflow needs. You'll find our intelligent apps to be:


Whatever you need, our technology can handle the job. We can digitize paper forms in hours or build complex systems that quickly generate dashboards, enable root cause analysis, or initiate rework or repairs. And every app can work on a manufacturing floor with or without an Internet connection.


We'll take best-in-class solutions and quickly perfect them for your unique process and continuous improvement. We can tie into your existing MES or ERP, or build a more advanced solution -- all with rapid implementation.

Fast, Low-Risk

You can take advantage of our freemium product tier and pre-built manufacturing solutions for free, no credit card required. 

Manufacturing solutions for lean manufacturing

  • Raise worker productivity
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Ensure proper compliance and safety
  • Speed root cause analysis and corrective action 
  • Save money

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Solutions Customized for Your Exact Data Collection, Analytics, and Workflow Needs

Alpha Software will develop the right-sized solution that matches your existing process, budget, and requirements.  We'll build mobile apps and desktop dashboards that save workers time recording quality data, and speed data insights for quality managers.dash-2

For example, our Quality Management Solution saves workers hours recording data on the production floor, and generates reports that speed data insights for quality managers. The apps shave hours off inspections, automatically recording time/date/location information, and speeding the collection of photos, measurements, bar code scans, digital signatures, and more. Data can be shared instantly in an Excel report or connected to your existing systems and databases. A built-in analytics engine generates visual dashboards that drive lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.

Solutions that Complete More Work in Less Time

Between now and 2028, 2.4 manufacturing jobs are expected to go unfilled, according to experts. Manufacturers who use technology to digitize their daily operations can accomplish more work with fewer workers.

Help Employees Finish Tasks Faster

Our solutions take data collection and analysis digital, streamlining your employees' work. Whether you're digitizing one paper form or modernizing the factory floor, we'll match your needs and budget.

  • Increase worker efficiency by reducing the time required for data collection, reporting, and missing data.
  • Improve data accuracy and robustness using automated or optimized data collection.
  • Capture the knowledge of experienced workers in intelligent apps that guide newer workers and speed tasks.
  • Improve product quality and production timelines by quickly analyzing data for root cause analysis, compliance reporting, and more.

"With industrial demand high, as of June, there’s a shortage of almost 600,000 stable manufacturing jobs waiting to be filled in manufacturing businesses nationwide."

- Kevin Stevick,
President & CEO, SteelCraft
in Forbes

Streamline data and power faster decisions that impact the bottom line.

Digital Transformation Case Study:

Igloo Improves Quality Control, Reduces Costs with Quality Manufacturing Solution

Read how a quality control manager digitized paper forms, cut costs by $145,000, and increased data accuracy and insights.

Quality Manufacturing Solution for Igloo Cooler
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Alpha Solutions for Manufacturing

Powerful Manufacturing Solutions for Managers, Inspectors, Assemblers, and Production Teams

“Previously, I could spend hours looking through boxes of paper and storage for a specific date, and for assembly shift information that I needed for my root cause analysis to try to figure out what happened when something wrong.

Now I can just search by date and pull up the form pictures. It's helped tremendously.”


- John Ng
Manager of Quality Control 
Igloo Coolers

Understand how we work with customers to optimize their operations.

Quality inspection solution

 "We have been very pleased with our new software system.

All of our team have found it user-friendly and the flexibility enabling us to adjust the system specific to our individual product types has really meant we have been able to effectively bespoke it to our way of working. "


- Neil Brandrick
JC Payne Trucks